Bitter Cold Showdown 2010

The tenth annual Bitter Cold Showdown aggressive inline battle contest commenced last month in Michigan. Stunts went down, people got thrown out of hotel rooms, and winners were crowned. This is a monumental event towards the roll series finals to get some points in and this was an epic showdown. Keep reading to see who won and the edit created by Brazil.

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Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2009

After the huge success of it’s first edition in 2008, the Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest reached new heights thanks to the amazing engagement of the LSNR Crew. The second edition took place at the very old and well known HS 36 Skatepark which was, again, renovated for the occasion.
A huge wall, and a rail fixed on a car were the two main spots where skaters from France, Italy, Holland, US, UK, … laced the most amazing tricks with the aim of winning the 1’500.- CHF.

The following EDIT brings you the highlights of these 3 hot summer days, where intence skating, partying, chilling and the StreetBowl ROLLERDISCO were the ingredients of this uprising swiss contest which included amateur, girls, and pro categories.

Featured skaters: Lee Devereux, Dick Herkens, Diego Guilloud, Robert Guerrero, Stephane De Freitas, Nicolas Schopfer, Adrien Clairaz, Maxime Genoud, Maxime Iangaev, Aurore Costabile, Manon Derriens, Amandine Condroyers, Mihai Bivol, Ramon Wuest, Thomas Setz, Anthony Chrisman, Claudio Böhli, Agostino Polpetta, Florian Rumoz and more.

Windy City Riot 2009 Results


The Windy City Riot is one of the longest running street contests in rollerblading, and one of the few street contests even happening these days. The Riot is a staple in the Chicago scene, and has a strong core group of skaters that have helped keep this competition at the level its at. It seems every year the Riot brings a random batch of rollerblading A-Listers, and usually whichever one of them is wearing a pair of TRS takes the trophy. But finally this year the curse was broken when Steve Lerner (Palos Hills) destroyed every spot with his smooth, effortless skating, and switch/natural repertoire of tricks.

Thanks to Collin Martin and Juan Herrera for putting the event on again this year, and to everyone who came out and continues to do so year after year.

Here are videos of the comp. courtesy of Vince Z and Razors News after the jump and the results:

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The Windy City Riot…The Two Day Spectacle

This is the extreme sporting event of the summer starts tomorrow (Friday, July 31st). This is a must see for those active in extreme sports of any kind. The Windy City Riot comes to you from all over Chicago and brings those from all over the nation to compete. It never is in the same spot and always promises not to disappoint. But what is the Windy City Riot you ask?

The Windy City Riot is an aggressive inline competition that takes place every year in Chicago as one of the biggest contests in rollerblading nationwide. The WCR was started by Travis Conn and the VFW crew in 2002.  Travis managed to pull some heavy sponsorship from Red Bull for the first two years of the Riot resulting in a combined purse of about $7,000 between the two years.  Once Red Bull pulled out, the Riot’s direction was passed on to Collin Martin.  In 2007, the Windy City Riot joined forces with the Roll Series and was given the honor of hosting the first ever Roll Series North America Finals.  In 2009, the WCR’s 8th year running, the WCR will be bigger and crazier than ever.  It is likely that the purse will be over $1,000.

This year the events will take mainly in the south side and is another two day event. First day is pretty relaxed as the heavy competition heats up on the second day. You can check out details here at their official website: The Windy City Riot.

Check out last years edit to see what its all about:

Get Buck……Ughhhh

Check out this really sick video from the Chaz Sands Invitational 2009 in the U.K. This was shot by Brazillionaire and features Haffey, Aragon, Morales, and more! This is a pretty good edit with tons of ridiculous tricks and stunts.