“People’s” Choice Awards, BAH, What A Joke

People’s Choice Awards? BAH HA, more like Twilight hormonal teens getting told by their twi-fan websites to go vote for their precious’s to win along with whatever garbage tweens like these days as well.

What a load of garbage that awards show is. And it’s the 36th annual. Ridiculous. I’m sure it was more fair back when they didn’t have message boards, the Internet and tweens.

“People’s” choice my ass. I’m sure adults ranged from the age 25 and up could care less about an award show like that. Since they grew up past the teen choice awards on Nickelodeon I’m sure no one votes for those sort of things.

Like I said, I bet stupid twi-nerds get told by their ridiculous fansites that their precious little vampires are being nominated and that they need to rush to the websites to vote for them. Weak. But I will admit it works to make the winners happen. What makes it worse is when they vote for just the stupid vampire nominees, they just vote for the rest so basically its the TWEEN choice awards.

These awards that the actors win probably mean nothing to them and could care less that they won them. Yeah it might get them another job or two, but to win that award is to quote the character Mitch from Waiting…, “It’s like you are the smartest person with down syndrome.” Not anything against most of the actors who were nominated, but winning that award is just nothing, its meaningless.

Also, to place Inglorious Basterds as an independent film is just silly. Oh, and for Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine to lose against Taylor Lautner for best breakout star is beyond me, stupid tweens. OHHHH and for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be placed in the breakout star nominations is just insulting almost.

More like People’s Crap Awards……


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