Bitter Cold Showdown 2010

The tenth annual Bitter Cold Showdown aggressive inline battle contest commenced last month in Michigan. Stunts went down, people got thrown out of hotel rooms, and winners were crowned. This is a monumental event towards the roll series finals to get some points in and this was an epic showdown. Keep reading to see who won and the edit created by Brazil.

1. Chris Haffey
2. John Bolino
3. Brian Aragon
4. Alex Broskow
5. Soichiro Kanashima
6. David Sizemore
7. Brett Urbas
8. Brian Shima
9. Jeff Stockwell
10. Franco Cammayo

1. Brett Urbas
2. Avichai Weschler
3. Michael Garlinghouse
4. David Jones
5. Jon Fromm

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