It’s a Mascot Trap: The Ackbar Story

Whether it was a trap or not, the campaign to bring one of the highest officers of the Rebel Alliance, Admiral Ackbar, to become the new mascot for the Ole Miss Rebels has been brought to an end. With this highly unbelievable tale of fanboy/girl dreams, it has come to the decision that Ackbar would not become the mascot for Ole Miss. ESPN has developed this story into a great commercial (short documentary?) to be seen by all who may have not had the chance to get the full impact of how close the south was to gaining a new mascot out of this world.

Some fans speak the truth that Ole Miss statistics of dorks/geeks/nerds entering the world of higher education at this university would most likely rise. However, as much appeal Star Wars has on a certain demographic, some folks just are not into the catfish space admiral. Cheerleaders and adults, of course are those outside this circle and may not find the irony or humor in this decision. And of course, Lucas Films has even put his stamp on this campaign stating that Ackbar would not be available as he is fighting evil forces in another galaxy.

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