Spider-Man Reboot Finds Its Leading Ladies?

Slowly, but surely, the new Spider-man movie, directed by Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer), is coming along, and with the casting of leading man Andrew Garfield to don the blue and red tights, the search for the love interest(s) still rolls on. EW.com has gotten word that Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) has been rumored as a casting choice to play the part of Gwen Stacy, who was recently played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-man 3. Along with Wasikowska, Emma Stone has been brought to the attention of a possible casting for Mary Jane Watson, who was of course played by Kirsten Dunst within the original Spider-man trilogy.

Apparently, set in the ‘Ultimate Spider-man’ universe, this new movie will completely start back at square one, with Peter Parker back in high-school at the age of 15 dealing more with teenage angst as a superhero. This film is suppose to start filming before the end of the year for a Summer 2012 release. So we are sure to find out more casting confirmations soon.

Stone would be a great Mary Jane, she is spunky, has a great attitude, especially coming out of Easy A and Zombieland, which really shows she can hold her own. Wasikowska did well in Alice in Wonderland, but is she set for another franchise that could lead into a multi-contract deal?

Other previously rumored casting choices have been Imogen Poots, Ophelia Lovibond, Lily Collins, Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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