Sony Pictures Inks Deal with Marvel Studios for Spider-Man and Avengers Crossover

Sony Cuts a Deal with Marvel for Spider-Man and Avengers Crossover

Marvel fans must be putting off some good juju today because Walt Disney Pictures announced that they will be enlisting Sony Pictures‘ friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to The Avengers team. In an epic deal of immense proportions, Sony will slowly start to integrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe into Peter Parker’s world while Marvel Studios begins to incorporate pieces of Spider-Man’s into the MCU. More details on how this works into The Avengers 3 after the jump. Continue reading

2013 Kids’ Choice Awards Nominees and a Cross Dressing Josh Duhamel

Nickelodeon Kids Choie Awards 2013 Nomineees

I’m glad to see where Nickelodeon is at these days. What better way to promote the 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards than with a cross dressing Josh Duhamel? The KCAs are devoted to the best in television, music, movies, and more with 22 different categories to vote on. See the complete list and more revealing Josh Duhamel pictures if you dare…  Continue reading

What Happened? The Top 10 Biggest Movie Disappointments of 2012

Most Disappointing Movies of 2013

Every year, hundreds of movies are released, some more anticipated than others. Trailers, images, interviews, and more surrounding these highly awaited films build so much hype that they can reach critical levels of expectations. But when they don’t live up to what we believe is promised, cognitive dissonance sets in. There were a lot of movies in 2012 that weren’t noteworthy, but there were 10 that stood out as big disappoints. See the full list after the break. Continue reading

Brand New Teaser Poster for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Teaser Poster The Amazing Spider-Man

A brand spanking new teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man popped up very recently and the theme of next year’s superhero movies seem to be black and white. First The Dark Knight Rises earns a brooding dark teaser poster and now this one from Sony for Amazing Spider-Man. I gotta say it works though. You can’t deny it. This is a very well made poster with a great tagline that peaks my interest. Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-man Teaser Trailer

A few weeks ago, right before Comic-Con, the first teaser trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-man hit the Internets. Some have said it to be a lot darker than Sam Raimi’s trilogy, which makes it easily stand on its own, while others question what Sony Pictures may have in store for this property.

There is no official plot synopsis yet, not even from the official website, but from what most have gathered Spider-man, played by Andrew Garfield (The Social Network; Never Let Me Go) will be facing off against Doc Connors aka “The Lizard,” played by Rhys Ifans (Pirate Radio; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1; Notting Hill) in a complete reboot and origin story with no Mary Jane in tow. Replacing Mary Jane Watson as the love interest will be Gwen Stacy, played by the natural blonde Emma Stone (Easy A; Superbad; The Help).

Catch the teaser trailer after the jump along with a few other production stills!

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Your 2011 Comic-Con Schedule for Friday

Thankfully there will be no Rebecca Black this Friday (she’s still cool to make fun of these days right?) Anyways… this Friday schedule is a bit more exciting than Thursday will be. I think one of the biggest panels this day will be for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-man. It’s been almost 5 years since we’ve last seen the infamous web-slinger and with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone at the panel it should be a good show. A lot of other smaller films will be in the line-up too, including 30 Minutes or Less, Underworld 4, Fright Night, and Ghost Rider 2. For the entire Friday schedule at the San Diego Comic-Con be sure to view it after the jump!

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First Official Look at Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man Costume!

We are getting our first official studio look at Andrew Garfield in full Spider-Man attire, minus the mask and from the looks of it the end result of a battle. Check out the full picture after the break!

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Emma Stone Reveals Her True Roots As Gwen Stacy

Emma Stone debuted her blond hair, her natural hair color, at the Trevor Live Project Hollywood Palladium on Sunday in Hollywood. I don’t think I could have ever pictured, or known Stone to be a natural blond if she didn’t say so herself. Obviously this is dyed and not natural, but still this is a complete 180° to the red head we’re use to. She will be playing Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot directed by (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb. They just began shooting this week too. Pretty exciting. Check out Emma Stone with her blond hair after the jump!

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Spider-Man Reboot Finds Its Leading Ladies?

Slowly, but surely, the new Spider-man movie, directed by Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer), is coming along, and with the casting of leading man Andrew Garfield to don the blue and red tights, the search for the love interest(s) still rolls on. has gotten word that Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) has been rumored as a casting choice to play the part of Gwen Stacy, who was recently played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-man 3. Along with Wasikowska, Emma Stone has been brought to the attention of a possible casting for Mary Jane Watson, who was of course played by Kirsten Dunst within the original Spider-man trilogy.

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Dear Summer 2012, Bring Me My Popcorn Now!

With Marvel Studio’s The Avengers film directed by Joss Whedon already slated for May, 4, 2012 to kick off the Summer movie experience and Sony Picture’s Spider-Man Reboot directed by Marc Webb coming out July 3, 2012, two more big names have dropped this week coming out for the 2012 Summer film season. First off, with the announcement of upcoming Warner Bros. IMAX films, Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 was announced for 2012, but now there is an official date of July 20, 2012! Along with that big bombshell,  G.I. Joe 2, which I could care less about,has a release expectation of Summer of 2012 thanks to interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura at the MTV Movie Blog. What more can we ask for in terms of big Summer blockbusters other than asking Michael Bay for Transformers 4 a year after TF3? Or perhaps we shouldn’t……Wishfully Kick-Ass 2, but only in a perfect world.