Lost Co-Creator, Damon Lindelof, Expresses Disappointment in Harry Potter 7 and Apologizes for Lost Finale

Did you ever expect to get a reprieve after the events of the Lost season finale? Well you can take comfort knowing that Damon Lindelof is sorry for what happened if you were thoroughly disappointed in what happened in the end of Lost. But what brought on this sudden remorse toward his loyal fans? After leaving the theater seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Lindelof felt like he was betrayed as a fan from what he expected out of the movie. Sounds like a similar situation many of his Lost fans experienced. Spoilers after the jump from within the article at The Daily Beast.

“They should not have split the book into two halves. Order of the Phoenix had more pages and they did just fine with that one,” says Lindelof. I can understand his turmoil, but I do think it was acceptable to cut the movie in half otherwise the book would not get the proper adaptation. Now in DVD/Blu-ray form, perhaps they should combine the two movies into one disc. That would be quite long, but it would feel like a complete movie when watching it.

Although he still loves the Potter series after leaving the theater, he still feels a little betrayed. But with this betrayal, he now knows the same feeling that his fans experienced and goes on to a full on apology toward the topic:

“And so I sincerely and genuinely apologize to all those whom I have stripped of their Lost fandom just for complaining about the stuff you didn’t like. It doesn’t make you any less a fan. In fact…

It just makes you honest.”

Read the whole article at The Daily Beast.

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