T-He: Nicolas Cage Losing His Sh*t!

After a seven minute video of Arnold Schwarzenneger yelling, who would have thought a better video would come along so quickly soon after? This over four minute video showcases some of Nicolas Cage’s best nut job moments in film when he absolutely loses his shit to the tune of Clint Mansell’s Requiem for a Dream theme, Lux Aeterna. Or perhaps it’s just his regular routine…

This video comes from hh1edits, who recently created a well masterful montage of Fox Searchlight’s last 15 years of film.

Watching this amazing hilarious video after the break!

You can thank Pajiba for their master list of movies within the edit.

Here’s a list of the movies uses in the video edit.

0’09 – 0’30 Vampire’s Kiss

0’30 – 0’32 Ghost Rider

0’32 – 0’50 Vampire’s Kiss

0’50 – 1’11 Deadfall

1’11 – 1’19 Vampire’s Kiss

1’19 – 1’35 Deadfall (x2), Face/Off, Red Rock West (x2), Deadfall

1’35 – 1’43 The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call

1’43 – 1’47 Matchstick Men

1’47 – 1’52 Leaving Las Vegas

1’52 – 1’55 Vampire’s Kiss

1’55 – 2’03 Bringing Out the Dead, Face/Off (x2), 8mm, Adaptation, Wild at Heart

2’03 – 2’17 Windtalkers, Raising Arizona, Bringing Out the Dead, The Wicker Man

2’17 – 2’21 Vampire’s Kiss

2’21 – 2’34 Deadfall

2’35 – 3’10 The Wicker Man

3’10 – 3’19 Deadfall

3’19 – 3’37 The Wicker Man

3’37 – 3’43 Ghost Rider

3’43 – 4’10 Zandalee

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