TeeHee: The Brocial Network

Ben Adams is an up and coming amateur filmmaker, a third year film student at The University of Texas, and the founder of Atomic Productions, an enthusiastic group of young filmmakers looking to make their mark in entertainment and film. You can follow Ben on Twitter or go to Atomic’s YouTube page for more videos.

Their crowning achievement to date, I believe, is their parody of David Fincher’s The Social Network. Their next venture seems to be working on a series of web videos for TotalFratMove.com, which I am highly looking forward to. Check out “The Brocial Network” after the jump, along with an added special bonus video!

People want to go to parties and act like assholes, so why not create an image that offers that. Sperrys. Khakis. Tahoes. I’m talking about taking everything boss about America and calling it bro.

This is potentially worth cases of keystone!

And for an added bonus! I give you the Inception parody: Inebriation!

Drinks, go down easy when you party. It’s only when you sober up, you realize that you were actually plastered.

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