TeeHee: The Brocial Network

Ben Adams is an up and coming amateur filmmaker, a third year film student at The University of Texas, and the founder of Atomic Productions, an enthusiastic group of young filmmakers looking to make their mark in entertainment and film. You can follow Ben on Twitter or go to Atomic’s YouTube page for more videos.

Their crowning achievement to date, I believe, is their parody of David Fincher’s The Social Network. Their next venture seems to be working on a series of web videos for TotalFratMove.com, which I am highly looking forward to. Check out “The Brocial Network” after the jump, along with an added special bonus video!

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Read The 2011 Oscar Nominated Scripts

Read?! Read?! Who reads these days?! But when it comes to these great screenplays, I would suggest that you should take the time to peruse through some of these great pieces of writing. From Inception to The Social Network, Raindance.org has gifted audiences with 9 of the 10 screenplays nominated this year for the Oscar. Click on the raindance link to get the chance to download the screenplays.

The 83rd Academy Award Winners (Live Updates)

The 83rd Academy Awards will be airing tonight on ABC at 730 CST and I will be bringing you the winners as they are presented live (you’ll have to refresh the page throughout the night if you stay with me). I’ll also be putting in my two cents and just trying to enjoy my night as this will be a pretty exciting awards show. Not only do we get the first co-ed co-hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, but the youngest ever too. I am also excited to see what Banksy will have in store if he will crash the award show or not.

To see who has won thus far, keep reading after the jump!

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2011 Oscar Predictions

With only a matter of hours before the biggest awards ceremony in the film industry takes place, I have just a few predictions to get out of the way to set in stone bragging rights if I am to guess these awards correctly. If I get them wrong, then you can just tell me to shove it. The 83rd Annual Academy Awards can be seen on ABC tonight at 5/4 CST and the ceremony starts 830/730 CST. Without further ado take a gander after the jump to see who I believe will take the Oscar tonight!

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2011 BAFTA Art for the Best Picture Nominees

The 2011 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards have passed, but I found this great art from the event brochure that showcases illustrations from Adam Simpson. Last year’s best picture nominee art was created by Travis Coburn and can be seen here. To view the great simplistic images for the BAFTA best picture nominees keep reading after the jump!

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The Best and Worst Movies of 2010

Lacking the opportunity to gain screeners or press screenings makes it slightly more difficult to fit in the time or budget to see every movie that comes out within a year. Sometimes you just have to buck up and watch a lot of damn movies; that’s what the Internet is for. With less than one week until the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, I felt that it is my duty to share with you my thoughts on last years motion pictures.

The year was 2010 and a whole lot of nothing was going on in the cinema world; there were the really good and then there were the really bad. Hardly any movies in 2010 were sub-par, but to create a list of the best was really hard to determine. So what films did I love and what films did I hate? Find out after the break to see who made my best and worst movie lists of 2010!

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If ‘Ghostbusters’ was ‘Inception’

It’s amazing how much music can affect the scene and tone of a film or television show. This great recut Ghostbusters trailer edited by YouTube user, Rothejfunk, is a perfect example of how music can affect the mood of the source material it is representing. He has taken Hans Zimmer’s score from Christopher Nolan’s Inception and completely turned this classic Ivan Reitman 80s comedy into a full out action drama. Watch the video after the break!

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68th Golden Globe Award Winners: Live Updates

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards will premier live tonight on NBC from 8:00-11:00 p.m. (EST) from the Beverly Hilton Hotel hosted again by Ricky Gervais.  If you are unfortunate for some reason to not have TV, I’ll update you on the events and the winners and give you my opinion if that is anything of value. Catch the live updates when the Globes go live later after the break!

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All Four Dream Levels of Inception in a Real-Time Split Screen

This is an ingenious use of video editing to showcase the genius behind Chris Nolan’s Inception. I’m sure they can’t all have been exactly aligned together with some of the sequences perhaps shown longer shots than the other dream sequences, but these guy(s) really got it down to as precise as they could. Check out this great video, not awesome video, after the break!

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T-He: Cobb Has Wet Dreams…

With the death of Mal, Cobb has been having some interesting dreams lately………… keep reading to find out what happens next………

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