Crystal Dynamics Debuts First ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer

Tomb Raider Turning Point Screenshot 22

The first trailer for Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot has finally surfaced and for those seeking a shoot ’em up adventure, you better look elsewhere. Tomb Raider looks to be far and away from the 1996 classic, and for modern gamers, this might be the exact re-imagining of Lara Croft you want to get your hands on.

Still holding onto most of their cards, the new “Turning Point” debut trailer from Crystal Dynamics is a great tease for what’s to come. There is no gameplay footage, but a very detailed look at the new Croft. She isn’t an avid adventurer yet. Crystal Dynamics has stressed that this will be a true origin story and based on the trailer it looks like they will deliver on that promise.

Tomb Raider Turning Point Screenshot 6

We see our young explorer taking off on a vessel that begins her journey into womanhood. From what it seems, she has just graduated college and looking to start a new life. What she doesn’t know is how far she will have to go to find it. As narratives go, this is pretty straightforward, but it’s how we get to the end that will make the tale one to remember. Check out the gripping trailer below:

This new Tomb Raider looks fantastic. Sure it may be just the introduction prologue, but already it speaks volumes. We already know Lara Croft the gun-wielding heroine, now we will see Lara Croft the survivor. It’s been beaten to pulp, but it’s true, this game looks a lot grittier and full of tension if this is how it’s going to start us off.

Tomb Raider Turning Point Screenshot 30

I’m excited to see what kind of game Tomb Raider will be. Of course it will be an action packed thriller, but what can we expect to see differently from how the previous franchise titles have been played out before? Will there be dinosaurs? How many tombs will we raid? So many questions and no answers yet!

Tomb Raider Turning Point Screenshot 28

So what do you think? Is this the Lara Croft you’ve been waiting for?

Tomb Raider is expected to release fall of 2012 on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


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