Personal Challenge: Avoid Movie Trailers

Long ago I would have embraced every ounce of marketing a film would have to offer. Teasers, trailers, clips, set photos, posters, and TV spots were all on the table as I readily accepted each into my palette before I watched a movie. NO MORE I SAY! I was blind, but now I see!

How stupid could you be to ruin a movie for yourself before you even step into a theater to see it?  As a personal challenge to myself I will not be partaking in any viewings of any teaser trailers, theatrical trailers, clips, or TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman: Man of Steel, or The Amazing Spider-man. Find out how this all began after the jump!

With Summer 2011’s mega blockbuster epics, one could agree that there may have been a slight overload in the sensory department about which movies to see and what movies you’d enjoy; especially when money is tight and there has been a lot of big event movies to choose from throughout the entire Summer season. I must have seen every trailer for this Summer and I have seen just about 90% of all the wide-releases that have come to theaters. But step back for a moment and imagine a world where you may not have seen any trailers for this Summer’s moving picture shows. How differently would you have felt walking in to see those movies?

My change of heart started back when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was going to be released in the Summer of 2007. The movie looked pretty decent (unfortunately nobody knew the car wreck it was going to be), but I was generally excited from everything I saw from the movie trailers before seeing the movie. As the Summer approached I began to notice every TV spot was increasingly showing more and more action sequences and money-shots that are suppose to wow you during the movie. Conflicted emotions started coursing through my mind.

After seeing the flick I thought to myself two things: what the hell did I just see and why did they show some of the best visual moments before the movie released? I swore from that moment that I would stop searching out for clips online.

It is now 2011 and, as I stated before, there have been a lot of damn movies taking my money this Summer. My avoidance of clips online had evolved to no more TV spots as well. This Summer was different, but I wanted something more. My expectations for certain movies were hit or miss as I enjoyed some movies that I never thought I was going to and disliked certain movies that I thought were going to be a smash hit. Perhaps something still was skewing my perception of how I though a movie was going to play out?

Do I have what it takes to avoid any footage from four of the biggest superhero movies coming out? The Dark Knight Rises, Spider-man, and The Avengers all have had teaser trailers released and I have managed, so far, to walk away untainted by their evil ways.

I will admit that I saw the first 10-seconds of the Spider-man teaser when I went to go see Captain America, but as soon as I put the pieces together, a boy left with his aunt and uncle as his parents left, I shut my eyes and covered my ears. I did however see part of The Avengers teaser as I didn’t count it as a full teaser nor a trailer as it was at the end of Captain America, so I counted it as part of the movie. I am already regretting that decision, but I only witnessed that footage once and hardly remember anything since everything went by so fast like the Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol trailer.

I have about 50 weeks until The Dark Knight Rises releases into theaters July 20. The Amazing Spider-man comes out July 3, The Avengers May 3, and unfortunately Superman: Man of Steel was pushed back to June 14, 2013. It is going to be a long ways away until then. I hope this test of endurance proves to be a positive result. I really want to know what it feels like to see a movie without seeing anything and knowing just the gist of the general idea of the movie. Have any of you on the Internets walked into a movie without seeing the trailers to it although you really wanted to see it? How was that feeling? Let me know! Wish me luck!

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