A Look Back at Comic-Con 2014

A Look Back at Comic-Con 2014

You can put another San Diego Comic-Con down in the books. Over 130,000 pop culture fans from all over the world swarmed the SD Convention Center to partake in the 44th Annual SDCC this past long weekend. The convention juggernaut has grown leaps and bounds since 1970, and it only continues to grow in scale. After the jump, I reflect on my Comic-Con 2014 experience and the past three years at the big show. Continue reading

Personal Challenge: Avoid Movie Trailers

Long ago I would have embraced every ounce of marketing a film would have to offer. Teasers, trailers, clips, set photos, posters, and TV spots were all on the table as I readily accepted each into my palette before I watched a movie. NO MORE I SAY! I was blind, but now I see!

How stupid could you be to ruin a movie for yourself before you even step into a theater to see it?  As a personal challenge to myself I will not be partaking in any viewings of any teaser trailers, theatrical trailers, clips, or TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman: Man of Steel, or The Amazing Spider-man. Find out how this all began after the jump!

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Apparently I’m The Cool Person of the Day

The peoples over at OneTrueFan.com seem to think I’m a pretty cool cat. Well that’s neat. Thanks fellas/gals. Check out their app website and sign up to support your favorite websites.

Still Alive

Been busy doing other things. Sorry.

One Year, A Whole Lot of Movies

Exactly one year ago, May 17, 2009, I embarked on a mission to watch many films that I have never seen before within the time frame of a year. My shame list was pretty large and very embarrassing if you would like to call yourself a film geek. My mission started as a little with 100 films by the end of Summer, but it grew into a monster task of trying to watch over a year’s worth of films I have never seen before in less than a year.

One year later and I have completed my journey with a final film count of 390 watched that I have never seen before. With watching so many films in a year it’s getting hard to see new films, but I still want to give this a go into round 2 starting today. If you have any suggestions on what films I need to see, LET ME KNOW! You can read about my  365 mark at my old post and see what other films I have seen. You can check out the other 25 films after the jump!

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503rd Post!

Apparently I have breached over my 500th post without realizing this. Well I suppose I’ve come along way since my first post back on June 3, 2009. Almost a year since I started with this thing and I’d say I have surprisingly been through a lot of changes. Became a contributing writer for 3 websites, had an internship, quit facebook for 2 months, worked retail again, saw 365 movies in less than a year, gained a new great internship and finally have a paying job. Wonder what would have happened if I never started this thing. Who knows?

Mission Accomplished: A Years Worth of Movies In Under A Year

On April 9, 2010 at 2:15pm, I stepped into my local movie theater to culminate my goal of watching 365 movies I have never seen before within the time frame of an entire year.  I have accomplished my goal in 328 days from when I first started on May 17, 2009. It’s been a pretty ridiculous long trip throughout cinema as I have seen many films of every genre that were pretty amazing, great fun, timeless classics, and horribly bad. I wanted to do this fun journey through film as a way to build up my film “palette.” I had this growing love of film and film news, but realized I have not seen very many older movies and needed to start to watch more and more to at least make it plausible that I know what I’m talking about. Through suggestions and just sitting down to an open mind, I welcomed most movies that came my way and ultimately finished my goal.

I can just say if you really don’t believe me that I have never seen any of these movies than you can just believe that, but I don’t know who would really lie about something like that for the sake of saying never seeing certain movies.

Continue reading after the jump to see what films I watched and the resulting conclusions of my goal.

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100 Films Once More, 65 To Go

Well I have done it again. I have accomplished another viewing of 100 films I have never seen before in my life. This has taken over the last 63 days of my life. If you haven’t been following me, a while back on May 17, 2009, I got this crazy idea in my head that I would up my film palette and explore new films and watch a whole bunch that I have never seen before due to an apparent realization that I, in fact, have never seen a lot of movies. I was some what aware of this, but this growing hobby of film had not made me realize the severity of what I have been missing out with such limited films I have seen.

So starting May 17, 2009, I had ventured out an idea to accomplish an original goal of 100 movies by the end of the summer; practically a 100 movies in 100 days. By the time I finished the goal I was at 93 days in and felt that I should try this again. By the time I did, here we are 300 films later.

This Time I feel like my films I have chosen have broaden dramatically and even opened up to computer animated films, which is something I never would have allowed before. I seem to be running out of classics, though, as this list appears to be more modern to me, but still dwells in old classics.

As I stated before, I have finished watching another 100 films I have never seen before in a startling 63 days. As this third trial had started I figured I would change my goal of instead of just watching 100 movies every time in 100 days, I would try to just watch more than a years worth under a years time. Soooo, I currently am at 300 films under my wing and at day number 248. Only 65 more films in 117 days……I’m pretty sure I can do that and we’ll see how many films I can get to by May 17 this year. Am I sick person?

Now with out further ado, my current list of 100 films I have never seen before:

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My Best & Worst Films of 2009

Now I have not seen allll the films of 2009, but I have seen a great many this year. The year of 2009 has been a great year for film in all ranges of the category from cinematography, directing, writing and beyond. This year will be remembered for a long time to me as it was the year I gained this hobby/love interest of film. I wish I could have seen every film I wanted to this year as it would probably change my list, but we all can’t afford to see that many movies. Continue after the jump to see my picks for my best and worst of 2009:
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Continuing to Build My Film Palette

Yet again I have once again spent my time to build up my film palette by trying to watch 100 films I have never seen before within 100 days. I originally began this adventure goal this Summer with trying to do the exact same thing, which I completed in 93 days. You can check out the first successful attempt right here.

As for this second time around, I finished in 92 days. I some how also managed to have time to watch all three seasons of Mad Men and during October I tend to watch a horror movie once a day. So I also have spent my time watching old movies that I have seen before.

This time around I tried watching classics, but also tried to keep up to date with current films out there and branch out to more independent films as well. As you may see in the list I added dates to note my progress and I started off very very slowly with only have watched 32 films in the first 46 days. But as you can tell the next 46 days, leading up to the finish, I had been able to finish my goal and watch an astonishing 68 films within that time. I can’t really explain how I was able to do it, especially with having to work, but I did it. It is practically 1.5 movies in the second half.

You can see all the movies on my 100 films within 100 days after the jump!

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