TeeHee: Cuddle Club

How much can you know about yourself if you haven’t cuddled? Fight Club parodies have probably been done to death (Example 1; Example 2&3) and I, myself, find the movie a bit overrated; as great as the movie is, walk through a freshman dorm and you’ll find a poster of Fight Club in at least 1 out of every 10 rooms of your typical American male college student.

Cuddle Club, written, produced, and starring Noah Baron and Ross Willett, takes the concept of Fight Club and pulls a complete 180°. It’s a fun concept, but it isn’t anything spectacular. I do give him credit for a complete shot-for-shot remake of the original trailer for Fight Club. Check out Cuddle Club after the break!

2 thoughts on “TeeHee: Cuddle Club

  1. you mentioned that it wasn’t spectacular, yet you somehow agree that the shot by shot concept was original. I think you are expecting too much. Rather than critique others, why not just be creative yourself and try to work on projects.

    • You got me. Please read again as I stated that I give them credit for making it a shot-for-shot comparison to the original trailer, not saying that the shot-for-shot is original.

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