Comic-Con 2014: Complete Saturday Panel Schedule

Comic-Con 2014 Complete Saturday Panel Schedule

If Thursday and Friday did not satisfy your craving of big names coming to SDCC, Saturday will certainly wet your whistle. Comic-Con 2014 has released its Saturday panel schedule, which includes The Hobbit, Mad Max, Gotham, Sailor Moon, Sin City, Marvel Studios, True Blood, Once Upon a Time, and the cosplay Masquerade. Check out the full schedule of panels after the break. Continue reading

TeeHee: Cuddle Club

How much can you know about yourself if you haven’t cuddled? Fight Club parodies have probably been done to death (Example 1; Example 2&3) and I, myself, find the movie a bit overrated; as great as the movie is, walk through a freshman dorm and you’ll find a poster of Fight Club in at least 1 out of every 10 rooms of your typical American male college student.

Cuddle Club, written, produced, and starring Noah Baron and Ross Willett, takes the concept of Fight Club and pulls a complete 180°. It’s a fun concept, but it isn’t anything spectacular. I do give him credit for a complete shot-for-shot remake of the original trailer for Fight Club. Check out Cuddle Club after the break!

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Movie Titles Said Within Movies

Whenever I hear the title of the movie spoken within the movie I always have the urge to say, “DING!” Sometimes movie titles within the movie can be used as a great device for comedy i.e. Hot Tub Time Machine, but most of the time it is either an idea or it just references the plot in some certain way. YouTube user, honsco, has edited a great little video with 81 films that utilize their title within itself. Check out the fun video after the break!

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I Am Jack’s Calvin and Hobbes

Hitting the nostalgia button, I engage in the viewing of this wonderfully edited video utilizing Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes comic and the soundtrack of the trailer to David Fincher’s Fight Club. I loved this comic when I was a young lad and this video (via Gorilla Mask)  is a great mash-up of two giants of different mediums that have been closely related in a previous theory. Check it out after the jump!

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250 Movie Character Introductions

Sometimes the best moment in a film can be the introduction to a character. One guy would like to recognize these moments that can go completely overlooked if they are done too quickly. Think back to the past few movies you’ve seen, can you remember any of the character introductions? They come by more often than you think. They do not register to you unless they are very powerful aka Spartcus, but sometimes they can be really great moments and this video will prove it.  Check out exophrine’s video after the jump!

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T-He: Fight Club Reinvisioned By Senior Citizens and Jane Austen

One could agree, that David Fincher’s Fight Club is one of the greatest achievements in cinematic history, but then again others could turn that argument right back in your face. I am in between. I think it is a little overrated, but is still a great film. I think it’s just all those stupid tools who live and die by this movie, just like The Big Lebowski or The Boondock Saints that make me not love the films as much as I should. But I digress, created an amazing parody of the famous film with a senior citizen twist. And on the other end, some ladies at TwoTurntablesNMic’s YouTube channel created another parody based off the work and time period of Jane Austen. Check them out after the break!

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Empire’s Top 500 Movies Of All Time

empire 500

Here is the list thanks to This list is old, from 2008, but I just happened to come across it in my array of boredom; since I have soooooooooo much to do this summer (anyone want to offer me a job?). I tallied it up and unfortunately I have only seen 140 out of the top 500 movies. For an up and coming movie fanatic and recently partaking in this sport/hobby, I think that the number is alright? It’s 28%, so that’s not too shabby, right? That is a lot of movies. You take a look at the list and see how many you’ve seen or even heard of. I have heard of most and added some of the ones on a list for me to see. I hope by the end of the year, maybe, I’ll have the number up to 200; that’s a lot of movies.