TeeHee: Saruman Trololoing On Top of Isengard

The Lord of the Rings Saruman Trololo

This video is pretty old in Internet time since it came out this Summer, but there have been a lot of things that I haven’t posted because I just haven’t gotten around to writing about ’em. So if you haven’t seen Saruman (Christopher Lee) from The Lord of the Rings singing Eduard Khill’s infamous “Trololo” then you are in for a real treat.

As if Mr. Lee’s performance wasn’t enough to take in during the epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but to dub him over with “Trololo,” pushes the character to pure perfection. What better way to show defeat then to go on top of Isengard and sing at the top of your lungs? And what better song would there be to choose? Perhaps “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley?

Watch Saruman sing with everything he’s got:

Another unsuspecting actor dared to enter the “Trololo” ring on Jimmy Kimmel moments after he won the Oscar for best supporting actor in a motion picture, Christoph Waltz. Equipped with full lederhosen, Waltz embraces his love for inanimate objects and trololo’s with the best of them.

Check out Christoph Waltz’s own version of “Trololo” with his song “Der Humpink”:

If you are completely in the dark about this whole “Trololo” phenomenon then you are probably in the Internet dark and have never heard of a meme in your life. It all started with Eduard Khill’s original performance from 1976.

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