‘Community’ is Back for Round 4! But at What Cost?

Community Season 4

With last year’s mid-season hiatus, many fans feared the worst. Left without a glimmer of hope, fellow Human Beings were in their dark whether their beloved Community would even come back on the air. Luckily, NBC did the right thing and finished the third season strong, but again left the future wide open to speculation of the show’s return.

Keeping audiences on the edge of their seat, NBC recently announced that we’d be getting a fourth season of Community, fully equipped with 13-episodes. Unfortunately the show has been bumped from Thursday to Friday night – which many in the entertainment industry declare is a series suicide – but hopefully with its fan-base, Community will be able to survive. But who would be returning, and who has been let go? 

Now we can’t jump for joy quite yet, six seasons and a movie has not been fully realized yet, but thanks to an exclusive from Deadline, we can confirm that the entire cast will be returning! It has been quite unnerving if you’ve been following the crazy debates among series creator Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase. Despite all the angst and bickering, Chase is no longer holding out and will return for the fourth season. The bad news, Dan Harmon is not enrolled next semester.

Dan Harmon was always very protective and strong willed toward his creation, and he may have come off as a bit of a egotist, but you have to give the man credit for one damn good show. So who is taking over? David Guarascio and Moses Port of Happy Endings and Just Shoot Me. Without Harmon, will the show be lost or will Port and Guarascio carry on his legacy faithfully?

I’m very concerned that these guys won’t quite get the quirky meta-comedy that Community stands for and what the fans love the hell out of. But as fans we must cross our fingers and hope that this 13-episode buy will turn into a full fledged season, which will then mutate into six seasons and a movie!

Community returns back to the airwaves on Friday, October 19 on NBC.

Source: Deadline

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