‘Community’ Casts Brie Larson, NBC Delays Season 4 Premiere

Community Season 4 Delayed

For all intents and purposes, NBC has decided to delay the fourth season premiere of Community. There has not been much coverage or TV spots on this show and it has made me wonder if it would make its original October 19 air date. Now it’s official, fans of the show must now wait in the dark as NBC plays with our heartstrings just a little more until they figure out what they are going to do with our favorite Human Beings. Continue reading

‘Community’ is Back for Round 4! But at What Cost?

Community Season 4

With last year’s mid-season hiatus, many fans feared the worst. Left without a glimmer of hope, fellow Human Beings were in their dark whether their beloved Community would even come back on the air. Luckily, NBC did the right thing and finished the third season strong, but again left the future wide open to speculation of the show’s return.

Keeping audiences on the edge of their seat, NBC recently announced that we’d be getting a fourth season of Community, fully equipped with 13-episodes. Unfortunately the show has been bumped from Thursday to Friday night – which many in the entertainment industry declare is a series suicide – but hopefully with its fan-base, Community will be able to survive. But who would be returning, and who has been let go?  Continue reading

Help #SaveCommunity to Reach #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

NBC Community Logo Title

It has been dark times for the critically acclaimed yet low rated network comedy, Community, since its hiatus was announced in mid-November 2011. But light may be shining at the end of tunnel – it all depends on you! Community may be coming back to finish its third season, but without your help we may never see a fourth season.  Continue reading

Community Season 3 Is Almost Here!

If you aren’t excited for the premiere of the third season of Community to air you are either 1) not a fan 2) have never seen the show or 3) a silly person that should gratefully take a full slap to the face. In my opinion, not only is Community one of the best shows on television right now, it is probably one of the best written comedies that has graced the boob tube in a long time. Check out the great sneak peek promo trailer for season 3 after the jump and be sure to catch the first episode of the third season Thursday September 22 at 8/7c!

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