Must Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Tribute: The Journey of Walter White

The Journey of Walter White Breaking Bad Fan Tribute

There comes a time when all pilgrims must reach the end of their journey. We are only eight, EIGHT episodes away until the Breaking Bad saga is complete. It’s been a long, hard journey for not just the characters of the story, but the fans as well who have followed the incredibly insane hijinks of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. One fan has created the most epic of epic retrospective videos that focus on the life of Walter White and his transformation from bumbling chemistry teacher to the great Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad is a show I’ve heard about countless times since the show began in 2008 and I never fully understood what people were talking about until I sat down and watched all four season in three weeks this past winter. After catching up to the season 4 finale it was like I had just seen my very first porno. It was spectacular, my heart was pounding, my mind was racing, and I had felt things I never knew were possible.

This fan tribute is one of a kind. It captures the pure essence of what creator Vince Gilligan had in mind when he created Walter White. Looking back at all that has happened, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come. The most spectacular thing about Breaking Bad is the fact that, even though we have been watching the show for almost five years, all the events that have happened have only occurred within less than a year and a half.

Be forewarned, this fan-made video has MAJOR SPOILERS up to the current date. It would be best for you to bookmark this page, head on over to Netflix Instant, watch the first four seasons of the show, and then find a way to watch the first eight episodes of season five. Only then can you allow your eyes to behold this fantastic tribute video.

Now that’s what I call a true fan service – I just wish it was longer. Let’s hope this editor makes a tribute video for Jesse. If someone did this for Don Draper it wouldn’t have the same affect. Although my allegiance to Mad Men stands firm, after watching both shows, you can see why Bryan Cranston beats Jon Hamm for the Primetime Emmy every single year.

Unlike the Harry Potter retrospective I previously posted, this one has depth, it has emotion, it gives us a look at how our main character has grown. I literally had a few chills watching this. The Harry Potter tribute just goes through the motions, hardly giving us any reason to grasp onto the past. After watching this Breaking Bad tribute I had the urge to rewatch every episode immediately.

The completion of Breaking Bad season 5 airs next summer in 2013.

Source: YouTube User UltraBrawl via /Film

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