‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Remains on the Offensive with New Teaser Trailers

American Horror Story Asylum Hellevator

Sixteen! We have now reached sixteen teaser trailers for American Horror Story: Asylum, not including the two character teasers.This madness has to be stopped! Seriously. Yes, these newest teasers, “Hellevator,” “Slipping,” and “Veiled” are a lot better than the last five, but has FX ever heard of the phrase, “too much of a good thing”? I honestly was joking about promoting a new teaser until the second season premiered, which would be over 30 teasers in all, but the creators behind the show seem to be doing just that. Oh and did I mention, we have been given a new character poster as well! Take a gander at the new teasers after the jump.

At first these teasers were cute, then they became interesting, interesting became old, and now they have turned stale. American Horror Story: Asylum has tried to become more adorable with a chance to win a trip to visit the asylum, but other than these teasers and a few posters, there hasn’t been any other marketing for the show.

With this first teaser, “Hellevator,” we are taken on a wild ride with a restrained patient inside the asylum. This one isn’t too creepy, but the visual is pretty effective. I like the tossing and turning as the camera pans above the subject.

“Slipping” has a bit of play on words. Seems like the nurse/nun/lady involved is slipping into something a little more comfortable. While in an asylum, I’m sure she is “slipping” into madness too. I’m assuming this is Lily Rabe’s character. I was actually expecting to see the nurse put down a bucket and see an arm reach out from under the bed and grab it.

Last, but not least is “Veiled.” This promo has no song, no haunting melody, just an eerie stretching/pulling sound. It would appear that perhaps someone is pulling the strings on this nurse/nun’s life or ability to function. What could be underneath her veil? Ooooooh, so scary. The sound is creepy, but it also reminds me of some sweaty fat person trying to turn over while rubbing their extremities on every inch of a leather couch.

And here we have the newest poster for Asylum. It’s fairly simple yet if you look closely-er you can see a few details into what we may see from the cast. We see a lot of what I interpreted from the two character teasers earlier, but in this poster we see a little shadowy figure looking into the dormitory. James Cromwell is also looking rather comfortable with nurse Lily Rabe and Joseph Fiennes looks like he is about to give the old backhand to Chloë Sevigny for her sultress ways. Everyone else seems to be in order from the teaser. Also included is some strange figure lying face down and the blue coat. (Click on the image to enlarge the poster.)

American Horror Story Asylum Character Poster

Get committed to American Horror Story: Asylum startingWednesday, October 17, 2012 at 10pm EST on FX.

Source: American Horror Story Facebook Page

2 thoughts on “‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Remains on the Offensive with New Teaser Trailers

  1. Though I have loved all of the teasers, I agree they should slow down with the release of them. I really like the imagery in the “Veiled” trailer, and the idea that it is symbolic of someone pulling the strings is brilliant. It will be really interesting to see all of the clues from the teasers come into play this season. Although many of them have revealed details about the characters, most still remain a mystery.

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