Second Last Performance of Jack’s Mannequin Announced; Releases One Last Song

Andrew McMahon Dear Jack Benefit Night 2

With an overwhelming response to Jack’s Mannequin’s final performance, frontman Andrew McMahon had recently announced a second last performance. Not only has a second show been scheduled, but Andrew McMahon has also released one last song by the band, “Wrecking Ball Heart,” which you can find after the jump! 

Now with two Dear Jack Benefits at the El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles will have two great nights of piano rock before the fond farewell of Jack’s Mannequin. Not only will this additional show be their last performance, but also a second chance to double efforts to support young adults who fight against cancer.

“Our decision to move forward was two fold. One, aside from the fact that these will be the last JM performances, the ultimate goal of this event is to support initiatives that will improve the lives of young adults affected by cancer. Simply put, the addition of a second night, means we have the ability to make double the impact for our cause. Second, it was extremely upsetting to find scalpers snatching up tickets for night one and reselling them for outrageous fees on Stubb Hub, a site which thrives on the abuse of loopholes in scalping laws.”

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, the second show has been sold out. But McMahon has confirmed that entry to the second show will have strict guidelines to prevent scalpers from capitalizing on the show.

“Speaking to this point, each transaction for the second show will be ticketless and limited to four tickets. The purchaser will be required to be present at the venue with photo ID and to enter immediately with their guests after picking up their tickets at will call. This will require early arrival and patience from those attending, but is currently our only viable solution to stem the greed being furthered by Stubb Hub and other third party sites.”

Fans who purchased tickets for the first night expecting to see this as Jack’s Mannequin’s final performance will be treated to a special set list that will play out differently from the second night. This is a great move by the band that will give fans a reason to have a great experience and also a reason to buy a ticket to the second night.

“We understand some who purchased tickets for night one expecting it to be the final Jack’s show are frustrated by this addition and to you I am sorry. To this end, we are committed to crafting a single set that will be performed both nights with exception of one or two minor variations. We also hope that you can accept our apology for any confusion as we had not expected the reaction to this show to be so overwhelming.”

I’ve always found Andrew McMahon to be a great influence on the music community, especially for his genre. It’s not everyday you see small to medium sized band such as Jack’s Mannequin go out of their way to benefit others. This is truly a testament to his fans and shows how much he is grateful for the support since his survival of cancer.

“We are incredibly grateful to share this moment with as many of our fans as possible as well as increase the impact we make in the lives of young adults who have come face to face with cancer. Both nights will be truly special and I know how excited the band and I are to share them with you.”

In addition to these benefit shows, as one last farewell to those who can’t make it, Andrew McMahon has released a brand new song, which will be Jack’s Mannequin’s last.

“I have been well aware, throughout my career, how rare it is for a musician to have such a genuine connection with the people who support them. The reaction to the final JM shows have certainly crystalized those realizations. There is little I could do to express my gratitude for this, but if anything, this is a small token. Late one night in Santa Monica I played my friend and long time producer, Jim Wirt, a demo of a song I wrote a few years back. No session was scheduled, but after a couple beers and some laughs we pulled out some microphones and cut it. The next day Jay and Bobby came through and did what they do best; selflessly and skillfully served the song. We weren’t making an album, and like the early days there was no label in place to release it. Just friends in a space playing music. I hope you enjoy it.”

Listen to “Wrecking Ball Heart” a dedicated to all of his fans.

You can find the lyrics to “Wrecking Ball Heart” on McMahon’s website.

The Third Annual Dear Jack Benefit concerts will be at the El Rey Theatre on November 11 and 12. This will be the final two performances of Jack’s Mannequin ever.


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