Behind the Scenes Production Photos from ‘Looper’

Looper Behind the Scenes Joseph Gordon Levitt

Making her big, American summer blockbuster debut, Summer Qing, star of Looper, has been gracious enough to provide fans behind the scenes production photos with the cast and crew. Among these pictures you’ll see Bruce Willis, director Rian Johnson, and of course Joseph-Gordon Levitt. Take a peak after the jump to see all the great moments Summer Qing was able to capture.

These photos come courtesy of Summer Qing’s personal camera. Internationally renowned actress, Summer Qing is a native of Beijing, and graduated from Beijing Film Academy’s performing division.

Her first big debut role was the female lead in Chen Kaige’s 1990 Cannes Film Festival selection, Life on a String. This story was about a pair of blind musicians in a rural village. Taking parts in various other Chinese films, Qing eventually came upon a popular television series, Close to Forbidden City.

Looper Behind the Scenes 5

In the late 1990’s, Summer Qing starred in The Emperor’s Shadow, a fictional story based on China’s first emperor and his relationship with a court musician. The Emperor’s Shadow gained a lot of recognition during the San Sebastian Film Festival. (Click on the images to enlarge the thumbnails.)

In the new millennium, Qing had starred in a Hong Kong action film, Flash Point, which proved to be a box success throughout Asia.

Now in Looper, Summer Qing plays old Joe’s (Bruce Willis) wife. Her role may be minor, but her character plays a huge part that impacts the whole second half of the story. I would go beyond that description, but any more would ruin the movie. This was Qing’s first Hollywood production, and what better way to start off than a film that has reached critical success.

I hope we’ll get to see more of her in the future.

Looper is in theaters now. Go see it immediately if you haven’t, you won’t regret it!

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