‘Evil Dead’ WonderCon 2013 Panel Reveals Plans for Future Films

Evil Dead 2013 WonderCon 2013 Panel

There were many laughs in the Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center during WonderCon 2013 on Saturday, many of which were to the behest of Bruce Campbell, producer of Evil DeadBut laughs turned into cheers when director Fede Alvarez dropped a major bomb on fans who were hoping for more deadites and possibly the return of Ash. Beware, spoilers after the break.

For quite some time, Evil Dead has been viewed as a straight remake or reimagining of 1981’s The Evil Dead – backed by director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell. During the WonderCon panel it was made clear that there is more to this new “reimagining” than meets the eye. Sam Raimi himself even made a quick introduction to some footage where he promised fans this would not be the last we see of his beloved Evil Dead universe.

When the discussion found a comfortable place, Fede and Bruce began talking about their plans for the franchise after Evil Dead hits theaters next weekend. It was revealed that Evil Dead is more than just a remake, but a sequel to the original trilogy. This bomb was dropped with the idea that we would see Evil Dead 2 and Evil Dead 3 in Mia’s world, which would coincide with the proposed Army of Darkness 2. The series would culminate with both worlds crossing over to meet at Evil Dead 7. The crowd went wild.

It wasn’t enough that fans of The Evil Dead would get a more violent and gory remake, but now announced as a sequel with four more films in the works, we can suspect the boundaries of horror to be tested. Now that we have are hard-R rated Evil Dead, how much further will the filmmakers push the brutality?

What do you think of The Evil Dead meets The Avengers in the ultimate horror crossover? Will Mia make it to Evil Dead 7 to meet Ash (Bruce Campbell) in the showdown of the millennium to destroy the Necronomicon once and for all?

Evil Dead releases April 5, 2013 in theaters everywhere.

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