Evil Dead 2 is Most Likely Not Happening Anytime Soon

Evil Dead 2013 Mia Deadite

Much to the chagrin of deadites everywhere, a sequel to the most recent Evil Dead film is most likely not happening. And as anxious as we are to see Bruce Campbell reprise his role of Ash, actress Jane Levy, star of Evil Dead, asks fans no to get their hopes up any time soon. Learn more about this story after the jump. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2014: Maisie Williams in Talks for ‘The Last of Us’ Movie

Maisie Williams Discussed 'The Last of Us' Movie with Sam Raimi

With the  The Last of Us receiving the green light to move forward with a film adaptation. all eyes are on who will fulfill the two lead roles. Sam Raimi, who is producing, spoke during Comic-Con that he has had a discussion with Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark. Feel free to change your pants when this casting becomes official, until then learn more after the jump. Continue reading

‘The Last of Us’ Movie Receives Green-Light with Screen Gems and Sam Raimi Attached

The Last of Us

Gamers and moviegoers rejoice! The Last of Us, one of 2013’s most critically acclaimed and celebrated PlayStation 3 games of all time, has officially received the green light for a live action movie adaptation. No release date has been announced yet, but Screen Gems has signed on to distribute the iflm with the creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann, writing the screenplay. Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead trilogy; Spider-Man trilogy) will produce the Naught Dog adaptation and you can hit the jump to learn more.  Continue reading

Fear the ‘Evil Dead’ Green Band Trailer (74 Screenshots)

Evil Dead 2013 Movie Trailer

The reimagining/sequel/remake of one of the most iconic horror movie of all time is unleashing this weekend in theaters. If you felt as if The Evil Dead wasn’t as extreme as it could have been, Evil Dead will whet the appetites of horror fans everywhere. After the jump, check out the green band trailer for the movie that claims to be the most terrifying experience ever. Continue reading

‘Evil Dead’ WonderCon 2013 Panel Reveals Plans for Future Films

Evil Dead 2013 WonderCon 2013 Panel

There were many laughs in the Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center during WonderCon 2013 on Saturday, many of which were to the behest of Bruce Campbell, producer of Evil DeadBut laughs turned into cheers when director Fede Alvarez dropped a major bomb on fans who were hoping for more deadites and possibly the return of Ash. Beware, spoilers after the break. Continue reading

Watch Two Spoiler-Free Clips from ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’

Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Clips

With its big screen debut this weekend, Oz The Great and Powerful looks to break the box office slump and bring back some energy to theaters. Walt Disney Pictures has graciously released two spoiler-free clips from the film that are completely polar opposite in content. Check out squabbling witches and bubble transportation after the jump. Continue reading

Six Character Posters and Bios from ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’

Oz The Great and Powerful Character Posters

In a matter of weeks, audiences will revisit the great Land of Oz. Directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy; Evil Dead trilogy), Oz The Great and Powerful takes us back before the time of Dorothy Gale and Toto. Learn more about the three witches we will encounter along with Oz himself, each with their own hi-res character poster, after the jump. Continue reading

The ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ Trailer has Witches, Monkeys, and Munchkins

Don’t expect too many lions and tigers and bears in this prequel to the classically famous Wizard of Oz. In Oz: The Great and Powerful expect more wizardry and fantastical adventure than ever before. Now with a full-length trailer, audiences are given a better idea of what they’ll be up against come early Spring 2013. What once was a stroll down the Yellow Brick Road has now become an experience one Kansas magician will never forget. Continue reading

Raimi Working On Spider-Man No More, Sony Reboots Franchise

Raimi, Dunst, MaGuire and anyone involved in the future Spider-Man 4 is out; that includes Mr. Malkovich who claimed to have agreed to play the Vulture if the script called for it. It appears due to creative differences Sony and Raimi are parting ways and Sony is looking to reboot the Spidey franchise. Sad news. I loved Raimi’s vision of the web-slinger and seeing different actors is unsettling. You can kind of look at it as the same situation with The X-Men with X-Men First Class in the works. Apparently they want to begin where Peter Parker began, back in high school and work from there all over again and will be in theaters in 2012. There have been many quotes, interviews, and reasonings behind this call to action after the jump… Continue reading

Spider-Man 4 on Hiatus

How sad is this news. Wah Wah. Apparently there is writer conflicts within the development of the fourth installment of the Spider-Man franchise. Mr. Raimi does not like the latest script development and is having conflicts with Sony. You see, Sam Raimi wants the Vulture to be the main villain played by John Malkovich along with the Vulturess played by Anne Hathaway. Continue reading