Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4, ‘To Have and To Hold,’ Sneak Preview

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4, ‘To Have and To Hold,’ Sneak Preview

Mad Men continues into shady business as Pete Campbell trudges through hot water, Megan revealed a big secret, Peggy is in turmoil at her office, and of course Don complicates his feelings for Megan even further. How far will our associates at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce go before everything comes crashing down around them? Check out a glimpse of the fourth episode of season 6, “To Have and To Hold,” after the break.

(It’s safe to assume spoilers for last week’s episode ahead)

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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4, ‘To Have and To Hold,’ Don Draper and Megan

Previously on Mad Men… Megan (Jessica Paré) revealed to Sylvia Rosen (Linda Cardellini) that she had a miscarriage while Don (Jon Hamm) instinctly assumed Sylvia told Megan that he was cheating Megan with her. Don is still in the clear in that respect and continues his affair with Syliva behind his doctor friend/neighbor’s back. It’s only a matter of time before that goes sour. Pete was caught cheating because his affair showed up at his doorstep since he’s fooling around with his neighbor. And Peggy brought up the conflict between SCDP and Heinz to her boss and now her agency might scoop up the leftovers. The knives are slowly twisting my friends. Let’s see what will happen this weekend:

Here is the officially vague plot synopsis of this week’s episode, “To Have and to Hold”:

The partners work to keep the wraps on a secret campaign. Joan is visited by an old friend.

What could this secret campaign be? They had a bit of trouble with Jaguar in the second episode, but they also seem to be very attracted to Heinz and their condiments, not just their beans. Could SCDP go behind the clients back and go directly to the condiment department?

I’m interested to see more Joan (Christina Hendricks). She has been a huge part of recent events, so who will be revisiting her? Don see’s ghosts, will Joan see ghost Pryce? Or someone else who we haven’t seen on the show for awhile? Maybe her lesbian ex-roommate?

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4, ‘To Have and To Hold,’ Don Draper Pete Campbell

I hope this week we’ll see more of the crumbling relationship between Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and Trudy (Alison Brie). How will he deal with Trudy now that she spoke openly about his cheating? This image above looks like he could be gaining a little bit of wisdom from Don’s past relationships, but maybe not since Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson) is in the picture.

Written by Erin Levy and directed by Michael Uppendahl, Mad Men season 6, episode 4, ‘To Have and To Hold,” airs tonight 10/9 PM CST only on AMC.

Source: AMC

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