Mad Men Season 6 Episode 5, ‘The Flood,’ Sneak Preview

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 5 Preview The Flood

Season 6 of AMC’s Mad Men has proven time and again why this is one of the best shows on television – and we’re only up to episode 5 tonight. Entitled “The Flood,” we could see a very fast paced and brutal episode after what conspired last week. Things were said, deals were made, and Harry’s sideburns almost caught fire. Catch a sneak peak of Mad Men episode 5, “The Flood,” after the break. 

(It’s safe to assume spoilers for last week’s episode ahead)

Previously on Mad Men, Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and Don (Jon Hamm) convinced the head of Heinz condiments to hear their pitch. Using Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson) to help with creative, the trio met with Heinz condiments right under the nose of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s current client Heinz beans and everyone else at the agency. They didn’t land the deal because unbeknownst to Don, Rizzo, and Pete, Peggy (Elizabeth Olson) was able to book face time with the potential client as well. Edged out of the competition, SCDP was unable to get Heinz condiments and lost Heinz beans as well. I personally thought SCDP’s creative was much better. And poor Ken, the account executive on Heinz beans, lost his client due to the undertaking of Don and Pete.

Don was also dealing with personal issues with Megan (Jessica Paré) since she revealed to him that she would be in a love scene on her new TV show. What did Don have to say about this? “I can tolerate this,” he says, “but I can’t encourage it.” Great line sir. Near the end of the episode Don surprises Megan by stopping by the studio to watch her scene.Afterwards, the two got into a bit of a verbal scuffle over the situation. We’ll have to see if Don continues to “tolerate” this.

And Harry Crane had a big moment to shine. Not a great, respectable moment, but it proved the character continues to have some really heavy balls. He’s climbed up the ranks and created his own title by declaring his value to Roger in the past, but this time he did it very tastelessly by involving Joan in front of the partners. It was a moment of pure uncomfortableness to everyone and the viewers, but it was a jaw-dropping moment none-the-less. Surprisingly, Roger and Bert commended Harry, gave him a commission bonus, but did not promote him to partner. We’ll see how Harry does this week.

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Mad Men Season 5 Episode 5 The Flood Screenshot Preview Megan

In the preview below, it appears the gang will be attending some sort of banquet. Perhaps the CLIOs? Harry seems to be getting in everyone’s way and Pete doesn’t seem to like it. Megan and Don are also shown bickering, most likely about last week’s predicament. I’m sure she will continue her stride of pride and not let Don interfere. That’s why fans love her. And good ole Ginsberg continues to weasel his way into episodes expressing his curiosity that will one day end up as a a good thing or bad thing.

Here is this week’s all too vague plot synopsis, see what you can gather out of this:

Peggy plans for the future. Roger courts a potential client.

Based on the preview and also on the synopsis, we can assume that Peggy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is a situation she has not yet or thought she would encounter in her professional career. It poses as a great weight on her shoulders and if they are attending some awards ceremony, we can except her to clash with SCDP. Roger was seen very predominately in the first two episodes, “The Doorway,” but we haven’t heard much from him since. Who could he be courting? The same thing goes for Betty. She’ hasn’t been in attendance since the first two episodes and it appears she may turn up again tonight.

Mad Men Season 5 Episode 5 The Flood Screenshot Preview Don and Roger

“The Flood” will definitely show the aftermath of Don and Pete’s dealings with Heinz. It will be interesting to see where Peggy’s conscious falls being in a new agency as she walked away with a pitch that should have been SCDP’s. I’m also curious to see how much further Harry will tirade against Joan.

Mad Men episode 5 of season 6 was written by Tom Smuts and Matthew Weiner and directed by Chris Manley. It airs tonight at 10/9 PM CST only on AMC.

Source: AMC

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