Mad Men Season 6 Episode 6, ‘For Immediate Release,’ Sneak Preview

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 6 For Immediate Release Sneak Preview

Mad Men is a show that has an incredible sense of place. Not every major world event from the 1960s appears, but from the settings, attire, and the way the characters treat one another is one of the greatest elements of the show. A more than shocking event took place recently as Matthew Weiner had the show tackle the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. This week, we may see a little fallout from the event, but it appears in episode 6, “For Immediate Release,” everyone is back to business. See a sneak peak after the break.

(It’s safe to assume spoilers for last week’s episode ahead)

Previously on Mad Men, as stated before, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and the whole world stopped. Many events such as the Kennedy assassination and Marilyn Monroe’s death have taken place of the course of these past six seasons, but nothing has hit the agency of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce so hard than in season 6, episode 5 “The Flood.” You could feel it in every character and with the civil rights movement full speed ahead, you could cut the tension with a knife.

Even the issue with Heinz was put on the back burner as everyone dealt with the tragedy in their own way. Don (Jon Hamm) had the kids for the week, which felt like his arm was twisted at the thought of it. His distance from Sally, Bobby, and Gene is even more apparent than ever before as he searches for a way to love them. If it wasn’t for Megan (Jessica Paré) – bless her heart – Don would be an emotionless robot toward his kids and life itself.

For the sake of bonding, Don let’s Bobby play hooky. They go to the movies and see Planet of the Apes, where Bobby exclaims that “people who are sad go to the movies.” What are you trying to tell me about myself Bobby or were you speaking about your father?

Someone who we haven’t had much time with lately, Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman), had a moment in the spotlight last weekend when his father set him up on a date with a nice Jewish teacher. He is quite the squirrelly fellow, but with good intentions and a unique demeanor toward others. A great expansion on the character’s depth.

Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) is still struggling at the home front since Trudy (Alison Brie) lashed out about his recent escapades and banished him to his NYC apartment that he so desperately wanted. And it definitely did not help his cause to get in a verbal argument over race with Harry Crane.

Peggy (Elizabeth Moss) was also trying to find a place of her own in the city with Abe (Charlie Hofheimer) who seemed more content on the MLK Jr. issue than relocation. Is Peggy becoming as hollow as Don?

Dawn (Teyonah Parris), surprisingly had little exposure in “The Flood” than I had hoped, but I do like that she is becoming a more occurring character with a voice. This is one of the main testaments to this show’s integrity.

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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 6 For Immediate Release Sneak Preview Peggy

Seen in this weekend’s episode, “For Immediate Release,” Pete, Bert, and Joan confront a client, and I’m going to assume that would be Jaguar. Angst and resentment continues to reside within Don, and Peggy looks like she gains a house guest. Roger looks like he is up to his frisky self again, could it be Megan’s mom? See what you can infer from the non-spoilery teaser below:

For a continued look down the rabbit hole, here is the plot synopsis for this weekend’s episode:

Roger changes tack to make new business. Pete has an awkward run-in with a client.

Typically in the industry, “For Immediate Release” would refer to the distribution of a press release. Is SDCP going back to their public relations efforts? Could that be something Roger will be working on with this new business? We haven’t felt the true backlash with the Heinz account, is that what we’ll see with Pete and his awkward run-in?

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 6 For Immediate Release Sneak Preview Don and Roger

Season 6 continues to grow on me and is turning out to prove that this is the best written show on television. I want to see more of everyone, but we can only gain so much from 42 minutes per episode. This week, I hope to see more Heinz aftermath, where Don is at with his relationship with his kids, and more Pete.
Mad Men episode 6 of season 6 was written by Matthew Weiner and directed by Jennifer Getzinger. It airs tonight at 10/9 PM CST only on AMC.

Source: AMC

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