Comic-Con 2013: Preview Night Recap and Photo Gallery

Comic-Con 2013 Preview Night Photo Gallery

And so it begins. Comic-Con 2013 is upon us and it has taken San Diego by storm. Preview Night of SDCC started at 6pm this evening and already there were lines leading out of the convention center. The streets of the Gaslamp Quarter were paved with attendees and tourists alike, taking in the sights before the madness begins tomorrow. Check out some of the happenings that I was able to capture on Preview Night after the jump.

Enders Game has established a huge presence outside the convention center this year as they have partnered with HGTV. I haven’t had a chance to take a look in the exhibit, but from what I’ve seen so far it looks pretty cool.

The line for badges was a bit overwhelming at first, but it moved fairly fast surprisingly. I walked around the lobby area a little bit and upstairs to check out the view looking out toward the city. Once I had obtained my badge, I didn’t want to exhaust myself on just Preview Night, so I decided to stick to the outskirts throughout the Gaslamp to see what I could find.

A lot of the exhibits and interactive sites outside SDCC are still being built – I expect them to finish by tomorrow morning when all hell breaks loose. SEGA is in full force offsite in the same location they were last year across from the convention center. There they have a free arcade for attendees and non-badge holders alike. They have setup a neat little spot for fans to play Sonic Lost World, Total War: ROME II, Castle of Illusions Starring Mickey Mouse, and Project DIVA F.

I was looking for the offsite Godzilla exhibit, but it was nowhere to be found. I will have to do a little more investigating to find that tomorrow. There was a lot of good marketing outside the convention center; Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag can be seen notably in spray paint on various sidewalks and Sony Pictures has taken over the Hard Rock Hotel with posters on the side of their building. The teaser trailer for Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is also playing outside the hotel on a big flat screen.

Fox Animation is setting up a big to do in a parking lot with a mini golf course. It’s a bit away from all the action, but it’s also right next to a History Channel and A&E offsite area too. There you can find interactive areas for Bates Motel and Vikings. GameSpot was still setting up their headquarters tonight as well as Machinima in Fluxx. There was so much energy pouring out of San Diego tonight that it’s hard to imagine how electrifying the next few days will be.

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For more Comic-Con 2013 coverage, follow the SDCC tag on the site or you can find TTRC on Facebook or Twtiter for more updates as they are made available.

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