Comic-Con 2013: Batman: Arkham Origins Panel Reveals New Skins and Villain

Batman Arkham Origins Copperhead Trailer Screenshot 4

Gamers excited for Batman: Arkham Origins got a real treat at Comic-Con 2013 this year. Not only were fans treated to appearances by the director of the game, Eric Holmes, as well as Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker, the newest voices of Batman and the Joker, respectively, but they were also greeted by Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics. Those expecting to play the game October 25 were given a sneak peak at new skins available for download as well as one of the villains that has yet to be seen. Check out the panel recap after the break.

For those who may not be aware, Batman: Arkham Origins takes place well before Batman: Arkham Asylum where Black Mask is offering a huge reward for the head of The Dark Knight on Christmas Eve. And if anyone enjoys Origins and owns a PS Vita, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will follow the timeline a few months after the events of Origins.

To star the panel off, Baker and Smith began to thank the crowd and expressed how honored they are to be stepping in the shoes of iconic voice actors, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, who voiced the Joker and Batman for all these years. Roger Craig Smith says he doesn’t want to take the place of Mark Hamill, he just wants the fans to see the Joker.

Eric Holmes (Gears of War 3; Infinity Blade; PROTOTYPE) then addressed the attendees on what he looks for in storytelling and gameplay. He states that there are 130 people actively working on the game at this moment trying to solidify the story and get all the bugs out.

In regards as to why he approached Arkham Origins as a prequel rather than a sequel, Holmes says that Batman is already fully formed in the previous games. Everything is in place. By going back with a prequel, he wanted to take the unfamiliar and bring all the pieces together. He chose Black Mask because Batman has been fighting the mob for so long it felt natural.

It was then announced that there are no platform exclusives set at this point, but did not say there wouldn’t be any otherwise. (I’m going to skip ahead as so not to ruin the reveal of the character for those who do not want to know.) Later in the panel a handful of skins were revealed that would be available sometime in the games future. Those being: Classic Adam West TV Batman, Deathstroke (playble character) , Knightfall, Batman One Million, and Worst Nightmare.

(Click on the images below to enlarge)

When the Q&A portion of the panel hit, the fans had quite a few interesting questions that turned out to be a really great discussion among the panel.

When asked about Deathstroke’s involvement in the story, Holmes suggested there are a ton of Easter Eggs in the game that leave you hints regarding the characters through line in the game.

Although the game has not been released yet, one eager fan was looking to see where the series of games would go after Arkham Origins and asked if Batman Beyond could be a possibility. Geoff Johns took the microphone and asked the crowd whether or not they’d like to see a Batman Beyond game set in this franchise’s world. With uproarious applause, Johns responded that all suggestions are taken into consideration by DC Entertainment.

A young gamer took to the mic next and asked whether any cooperative fighting would be possible with other characters. Eric Holmes remained tight lipped, but replied coyly, “Wouldn’t that be fun…I would like to make a sequence like that.” He was also asked if out of world experiences like Mad Hatter and Scarecrow would come into play. The answer was yes. When a fan asked if Predator was one of the assassins, Holmes simply put, he never considered adding the infamous alien. When asked about the timeline, Holmes says that there is no Robin at this moment in the timeline. Batman works alone. But as for Batgirl, you’ll have to play the game to find out he says.

And finally, a fan directed a question to Troy Baker and whether or not Mark Hamill approved of his Joker. Baker’s response, “I would hope so. He is amazing as a person and an actor. I would love a thumbs up.”


Earlier in the panel, a new character trailer was revealed, giving fans a glimpse of one of the newest assassins Batman would have to face: Copperhead. Since Copperhead has not been a really big part of the Batman universe, the villain’s sex has been changed to that of a female. Geoff Johns has liked what Holmes and WB Games Montreal has done to the character so much that he is looking forward to adding her to the Batman mythology in the books. Watch the trailer below for yourself and see why:

The look of Arkham Origins is shaping up very nicely. The fight scene with Copperhead is very fluid and different compared to any fight scene we’ve seen before. Copperhead is described as a predator, someone Batman is not use to since he is the one always in the shadows. Just as stealthy as Batman, it looks like Bruce Wayne has his work cut out for him.

To create the motion capture for Copperhead, WB Games Motreal used three different performers in that one fight scene, each with their own style of gymnastics, martial arts, and balance. When asked if there would be more assassins that would go beyond the eight we know of, Holmes did not want to reveal any such business because he wants the game to be a surprise for players.

Batman: Arkham Origins releases this October 25 in US stores everywhere.

Thanks to for the skins I couldn’t get pictures of because I was told no photography.

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