Comic-Con 2013: ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ First Impressions

Batman Arkham Origins Gameplay First Impressions

There have been a lot of questions leading up to the release of Batman: Arkham Origins, mostly pertaining to the gameplay since Rocksteady Games, the developer behind both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, decided to take a bow out of the franchise and leave Warner Bros. Games Montreal in charge. At Comic-Con 2013, I got to get my first hands-on look at the prequel to one of the most acclaimed video game franchises of all time. See whether Origins is up to snuff on its predecessors after the jump. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2013: Batman: Arkham Origins Panel Reveals New Skins and Villain

Batman Arkham Origins Copperhead Trailer Screenshot 4

Gamers excited for Batman: Arkham Origins got a real treat at Comic-Con 2013 this year. Not only were fans treated to appearances by the director of the game, Eric Holmes, as well as Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker, the newest voices of Batman and the Joker, respectively, but they were also greeted by Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics. Those expecting to play the game October 25 were given a sneak peak at new skins available for download as well as one of the villains that has yet to be seen. Check out the panel recap after the break. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2013: Thursday Panel Schedule

Comic-Con 2013 Thursday Schedule

Thursday, the first full day of Comic-Con 2013 comes to San Diego on July 18. The chaos begins on this day as nerds, geeks, and fanboys and girls alike will convene into the ginormous SD Convention Center. Panels include  The X-Files 20th Anniversary, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Dexter, Battlestar Galactica 35th Anniversary, Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog, Sherlock, Workaholics, Wilfred, Batman: Arkham Origins, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Pysch, and more. Check out the full schedule of panels for SDCC on Thursday after the break.  Continue reading

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Storyline Revealed with New Concept Art

Batman Arkham Origins Story Details

It’s been a big month for Batman: Arkham Origins. As the title infers, players will be jumping back in time to relive the earlier moments in Batman’s career – before Arkham City and Akrham Asylum. Throughout April, Warner Bros. Games Montreal has slowly revealed various elements of the game. After the jump, learn how the comic series, Legends of The Dark Knight, inspired the studio to this particular era in Batman’s past. Continue reading

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Main Villain and More Plot Details Revealed

Batman Arkham Origins Villain Black Mask

Now that Batman: Arkham Origins has been officially announced, players have been anxiously awaiting more news as to which villains they will see in the game. Concept art revealed characters such as the Deathstroke and The Penguin, but it will be Black Mask that Batman must take down in order to protect the City of Gotham once again. Learn more details about our newest foe after the break. Continue reading

Game Informer Confirms ‘Batman: Akrham Origins’ is Official

Batman Arkham Origins Officially Announced

Recently, it has been speculated that the next installment of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman series would be Batman: Arkham Origins. Only half of that rumor is correct. The title of the game is accurate, but it will not be backed by Rocksteady. The studio that worked on Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Warner Bros. Games Montreal, will pick up where Rocksteady Studios left off. Find out what they have in store after the break. Continue reading