Catch Up to the Series Finale of ‘Dexter’ in Four Minutes

Catch Up to the Series Finale of 'Dexter' in Four Minutes

The time has come for good ole Dexter Morgan to pack up his knives. And in honor of the show’s departure, Showtime has created a little sizzle reel of some of Dexter’s greatest moments. Recapping in chronological order, fans can relive classic kills and big bads that have been a huge part of the series. The series finale of Dexter premieres this Sunday at 9 pm EST. Watch the tribute montage after the jump.

For myself, I didn’t hop on board the Dexter train until I heard how spectacular Season 4 had been. Piquing my interest, I marathoned the first four seasons in less than a week, right before Season 5 began. In someways I wish I had stopped there, but Dexter is a hard character to say goodbye to. Despite the roller coaster of character motivations and headache inducing plot lines, you have to give credit to the good intentions this series started off with. Sadly, reaching the eighth and final seasonDexter is not ending on a good note.

Watching this tribute montage, you can see sparks of life that glistened throughout the first few seasons. Dexter had brilliant moments of charisma and personality in the beginning, so it’s very disappointing to see the steady decline this show has been on. Needless to say, there are some major spoilers in this video:

You can instantly tell where Showtime loses faith in the show because once you hit a little over two-thirds of the video it speeds through everything from Season 5 to the present. Michael C. Hall truly embodies this character well and without him and the integrity of the cast, this show would have been canceled a long time ago.

Dexter isn’t one of the greatest shows to hit TV, but if we give it some time, I think if we look back we’ll really miss some of the spectacular moments this series has given us.

Will you miss Dexter when it is gone? Which season is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

The Dexter series finale, “Remember the Monsters?” airs this Sunday, September 22 at 9pm EST only on Showtime.

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Source: Showtime

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