Box Office Aftermath: ‘Cloudy 2’ Creams the Competition

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Teaser Trailer Screenshot Watermelophant

Rounding out the weekend of September 27-29, 2013, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs dominated over the competition, leaving the box office battlefield victorious. Box Office Aftermath is an ongoing column dedicated to recapping the weekend’s total ticket sales. Each week, combatants enter the cinematic war zone, bloodthirsty for your cash. But there can only be one true winner. In Box Office Aftermath, we will take a look at the numbers, how previous contenders fared, and provide a brief analysis of the results.

It was quite the weekend at the movies as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 cramming it down everyone’s throat, animated movies continue to make bank. Shoveling in a cool $34 million this weekend, Cloudy 2 overtook the competition. If you were to take the sum of second through fifth this weekend, only then would they overtake the top spot. (Review here)

Prisoners was dethroned, of course, to second place. Falling almost 50 percent, the first dramatic piece of the Fall season didn’t retain as much of a gross this weekend as one might expect. Adding $10.8 million to its take, Prisoners now holds $38.5 million, nearly at its $46 million budget.

There was very little love for Ron Howard and Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) bare arse this weekend. Opening wide to most theaters, Rush was only capable of hauling in $10 million for its big release debut. For how thrilling it was, I’m surprised word of mouth didn’t help out this biopic.

Baggage Claim pulled one over Don Jon. The PG-13 rom-com took fourth with $9.03 million while the rated R porn fest debuted with $8.67 million. I would say it’s not that surprising based on the subject matter though. It’s a shame with how good and funny Don Jon is (review here).

Horror fans must have had their fill with James Wan as Insidious: Chapter 2 fell from second to fourth, earning only $6.55 million. But only in its third weekend, the $5 budgeted film has made a total gross of $69.3 million domestically.

Audiences continue to pump life into Instructions Not Included as it remains in the top 10, grabbing hold of $3.46 million and running. One Direction: This is Us debuted the same weekend, has made $10 million less in total domestic gross and fell to thirty-second this weekend.

We’re the Millers and The Butler continue to stick by each other like BFFL. Millers in sixth earned $2.8 million and The Butler took home $2.4 million in seventh.

Finally, Battle of the Year fell pretty hard, from fifth to twelfth for its second weekend in. Chris Brown must be lost with Josh Holloway, as the duo’s film grossed $2.02 million this weekend.

(Click the image below to enlarge the chart. All figures are domestic box office.)

Box Office Results 2013 September 29

Until the next weekend bout, this has been your Box Office Aftermath

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