Box Office Aftermath: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Narrowly Defeats ‘The Best Man Holiday’

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Rounding out the weekend of November 15-17, 2013, Thor: The Dark World dominated over the competition again, leaving the box office battlefield victorious. Box Office Aftermath is an ongoing column dedicated to recapping the weekend’s total ticket sales. Each week, combatants enter the cinematic war zone, bloodthirsty for your cash. But there can only be one true winner. In Box Office Aftermath, we will take a look at the numbers, how previous contenders fared, and provide a brief analysis of the results.

The mighty Thor: The Dark World triumphed this weekend, once again, but just barely. Coming in at first, the God of Thunder took home $36.58 million in domestic ticket sales – a drop in sales by 57.3 percent. Worldwide, the Thor sequel has earned an impressive $477 million thus far, whereas the original Thor only managed to take in $449 million by the time it left theaters. Marvel Studios is sitting on top of the world right now. But as it stands, The Dark World has a long way to go if it wants to reach Iron Man 3 status, which earned $1.21 billion worldwide this year.

The Best Man Holiday had a surprisingly big hand this weekend in stealing the momentum of Thor. The 14-year-old sequel raked in $30.1 million at the box office, almost doubling its production budget of $17 million. The positive vibes, and the feel good family/friend entertainment of the film definitely contributed to its rave rave reviews and success. The original The Best Man only grossed $34.57 million worldwide back in 1999. So all signs point to yes for an inevitable trilogy.

Coming in third this weekend was Last Vegas. Grossing $8.43 million, the old man Vegas tale was never a threat against the two main event titles. Since its release, the film has earned now $46 million domestically – with a budget of $28 million – and if the actors are around long enough we could also see a sequel from this franchise.

Free Birds continues to hang in there. Placing fourth, the only fresh animated movie in the last month earned $8.1 million this weekend. The budget for free birds was only $55 million, and thus far has earned $42.02 million, which doesn’t look like a good return on investment for Relativity Media. With Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen coming next weekend and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this weekend, it will more than likely barely break even; especially since this film has not seen a foreign release.

Rounding out the top 5 is Bad Grandpa. Johnny Knoxville and friends continue to draw in audiences some how with their outlandish prank comedy. Its weekend gross saw $7.42 million, bringing its total gross to $89.95 million. As a Jackass movie, it ranks second out of five, trailing Jackass 3D by $30 million domestically. Just be glad we didn’t see 3D old man dong.

Science fiction is still holding on strong, but only slightly. Gravity comes in at sixth with $6.1 million and Ender’s Game at seventh with $6.01 million. The original Gravity has done very well for itself, earning $240 million domestically while Ender’s Game is struggling to even make back half of its production budget ($110 million) with a total domestic gross of $53 million. Even with foreign sales included, Ender’s Game has sadly only reached $62 million worldwide.

Dallas Buyers Club saw a pretty good expansion this weekend in almost 200 theaters. With a 174 percent increase in sales, DBC earned itself $1.75 million this weekend. With strong, positive reviews, we can expect another big push into theaters hopefully to ignite some more award season talk for McConaughey and Leto.

(Click the image below to enlarge the chart. All figures are domestic box office.)

Weekend Box Office Results 2013 17 November

Until the next weekend bout, this has been your Box Office Aftermath

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