Special Cameos in Disney’s ‘Frozen’ You May Have Missed

Disney's Frozen 2013 Screenshot Kristoff and Anna

Pixar has always been known to throw in a good cameo or two of their beloved characters within their movies as well as a handful of fun Easter Egg to discover. But they aren’t the only ones in the animated world who can sneak in little surprises into their own respective movie universe. Disney’s Frozen just released this weekend and there were two special cameos that may have slipped by many of us. One Disney fan was able to catch these cameos with eyes of a hawk. See who made a surprise visit to Arendelle after the break.

It has to be said first that if you have not seen the movie Tangled you may not want to know who makes a surprise appearance in FrozenThe cameos I’m about to discuss infer that Frozen takes place after the events of Tangled; and if you’ve seen that film then you know how the characters end up. For your own safety and benefit – because Tangled is a far superior film – I would suggest you watch Tangled now and come back later.

But for those in the clear, be my guest to move forward.



As you can see in the image below, when Anna is singing “For the First Time in Forever” with her sister Elsa during the opening of Arendelle before the coronation, two special guests have made their way to pay respect to the new queen. As you can tell by the haircut, that would be Rapunzel with Eugene by her side. If you’ve seen Frozen you know that this sequence is frantic, full of excitement from Anna, and scenes are cutting back and forth between sisters. Lucky for us this fan captured this screenshot.

Disney's Frozen Rapunzel Cameo

It’s unmistakable how similar their haircuts are, and you may ask yourself, “How did they confirm the cameos if you can only see the characters from behind?”

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Brown Hair

The fan that captured this screenshot reached out to Nathan Greno, director of Tangled, via Facebook. Greno apparently knew some people on the inside who animated Frozen and confirmed that both Rapunzel and Eugene were present during the festivities in Arendelle. Then said fan uploaded the conversation via Tumblr, redacting their name, and you can see the full conversation below:

Nathan Greno Tangled Fan Discovery

Pretty neat, huh? Have you been able to catch any other Easter Eggs in Frozen? The Mickey Head perhaps?

Frozen is now playing in theaters everywhere in 2D and 3D.

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