TeeHee: ‘Frozen’ Receives the Honest Trailer it Deserves

'Frozen' Receives an Honest Trailer it Deserves

Screen Junkies is at it again with an honest trailer for Frozen that may open the eyes of moviegoers for one of Disney’s newly beloved films. Frozen may have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, but it still has many issues that are brought up relentlessly here. Watch the full honest trailer after the break and see if you agree or if Screen Junkies are just trolling. Continue reading

TeeHee: Three Hilarious Parodies of Frozen’s “Let it Go”; and “Do You Want to !@#$ a Snowman?” (NSFW)

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Elsa Gloves

Nothing is sacred in this sick, twisted world we live in, not even the innocence of Disney Animation. And only after few months in theaters a handful of fans have devoted their creativity to produce some very clever parodies of Frozen that would turn Mickey Mouse red. One is an adult interpretation of “Let it Go;” another is the plight of an alto singer versus Disney songwriters; and the last is a parody of Elsa as if she had the ability of fire instead of ice. And then we have a bonus video that introduces some adult elements in Frozen you never thought possible. Although very well done and commendable, these four parodies are NSFW if your boss does not like cussing. Check them out after the jump. Continue reading

Neato: Listen to Frozen’s “Let it Go” in 25 Different Languages

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Elsa Gloves
With the rise in fame of Disney’s critically and commercially acclaimed blockbuster, Frozen, the House of Mouse has recently release the full-length video version of “Let it Go” in 25 different languages. This special video of the two time Oscar nominated animated feature is the same sequence you would have seen in the movie except they have expertly cut and edited the scene as if Elsa could speak all 25 languages. It’s brilliant. Watch the full video after the break. Continue reading

Disney Eyes March 18 for ‘Frozen’ DVD and Blu-Ray Release

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Icicle Telescope

After hauling more than $700 million worldwide, the Disney darling is looking to bring the magic of Frozen to your living room on March 18. It’s only been a few short months since Frozen released on November 27, 2013, and fans should be excited to see all the extra goodies packed in the home video release. Disney will also be releasing the film early for those looking to purchase digitally on February 25, which seems to have become the new trend in home entertainment lately. After the break find out what special features are in store for the Blu-ray combo pack and DVD release. Continue reading

Special Cameos in Disney’s ‘Frozen’ You May Have Missed

Disney's Frozen 2013 Screenshot Kristoff and Anna

Pixar has always been known to throw in a good cameo or two of their beloved characters within their movies as well as a handful of fun Easter Egg to discover. But they aren’t the only ones in the animated world who can sneak in little surprises into their own respective movie universe. Disney’s Frozen just released this weekend and there were two special cameos that may have slipped by many of us. One Disney fan was able to catch these cameos with eyes of a hawk. See who made a surprise visit to Arendelle after the break. Continue reading

Latest ‘Frozen’ Trailer Reveals Magic and Song (72 Screenshots)

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Queen Elsa 1

Walt Disney Animation Studios is putting it all out on the table by introducing Frozen as a musical. In the newest trailer, a month before the film’s release, Disney fans will have their first listen to “For the First Time in Forever,” sung by Kristen Bell (Anna) and Idina Menzel (Snow Queen Elsa). Not only do we get to preview one of the newest songs from Frozen, but this trailer also expands on the character of Elsa. Watch the trailer after the jump. Continue reading

Winter Comes to Arendelle in New Trailer for ‘Frozen’ (69 Screenshots)

Disney's Frozen 2013 Screenshot Anna Olaf Kristoff

Disney has released the first full theatrical trailer for Frozen, based loosely on the Hans Christian Andersen tale The Snow Queen. The new trailer is packed with lighthearted fun and introduces us to the cast of characters voiced by Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff. Prepare to fight the freeze and watch the trailer after the jump. Continue reading

First Look at Disney Animation Studios’ ‘Frozen’

First Look at Disneys Frozen

Walt Disney Animation Studios‘ newest feature film, Frozen, has just released its first look in the form of concept art. Newly announced director, Jennifer Lee, has been appointed to tag-team this animated comedy-adventure that explores the cold tundra of a new world created by The House of Mouse. Get an idea of what to expect after the break. Continue reading