Second Full-Length Trailer for ‘Neighbors’ Starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron (96 Screenshots)

Neighbors 2014 Movie Trailer

Universal Pictures has released the first official trailer for Neighbors. Starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, and Dave Franco, this May we will see a showdown between family versus fraternity. An all out war for neighborhood supremacy will take place, but who will win? Watch the trailer after the break.

Expanding on some of the plot points of the red band teaser and first teaser trailer, this new extended trailer is pretty clutch at keeping a lot of the gags in check. I feel like this trailer is hiding a lot of the humor that is too intense for marketing purposes. Which is all the more reason to see this movie. A Seth Rogen comedy never backs down from a challenge to push the envelope. Since this is from the producers of This is the End (Rogen and Evan Goldberg), you can expect a lot of raunchy, ridiculously over the top humor.

The film was directed by Nicholas Stoller, the man behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek. Both pretty funny movies, but Stoller was also responsible for The Five-Year Engagement, which was horrendously bad. With the help of first time feature film writers, Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, a lot will depend on Stoller for to get the job done. With this cast, I expect Neighbors to work pretty well.

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Here’s the official plot synopsis for Neighbors, courtesy of Apple Trailers:

A young couple suffering from arrested development are forced to live next to a fraternity house after the birth of their newborn baby.

With Zac Efron coming out with two major comedies next year, does the former High School Musical star have what it takes to enter the world of adult comedy? Or will Seth Rogen have to do all of the heavy lifting?

Neighbors arrives in theaters in May 2014.

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