First ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Trailer is Here (56 Screenshots)

'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Trailer

As the polar vortex hits the U.S., HBO prepares for winter with the Game of Thrones season 4 trailer. Fans of the George R.R. Martin epic were treated to a special teaser trailer during the Golden Globes this past Sunday. I’m sure many of you have already seen it a thousand times over, but I’ve got for you 56 screenshots from that trailer after the jump.

Full disclosure, I have only watched the first four episodes of Season 1. Yes, I know, shoot me. I’ve got a lot on my plate to manage. But I will get to it I promise. It is a resolution for 2013 2014. As far as I know, many fan favorite characters die, which is a stupid on my part to check out this trailer because now I know who is still alive. At least Daenerys is still alive. She’s pretty cool. But where are the dragons?

Coming from a guy who has little experience in the Game of Thrones universe, it would appear there is a war to look forward to. Has winter actually come yet? And when does that little sh*t Joffrey become King? I see no dragons in this trailer, so that’s a downer too. What’s up with that? I think South Park was right to call out Georgie Boy. Take a look:

I guess there’s giants or some sort of large man/beast thing running around, Ayra Stark has picked up her swordplay, and Peter Dinklage is still up to some wacky shenanigans. Like a Mad Men teaser, this Season 4 trailer doesn’t give much for fans to work with. Unless you’re a fan of the book, it looks like you’ll have to wait and see what’s to come when April comes nearer. I’m glad to see Daenerys’ whiny brother is not around. I hate him too.

(Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the images and begin the gallery)

According to the Game of Thrones wikia, the plot of Season 4 is like this:

The War of the Five Kings is drawing to a close, but new intrigues and plots are in motion, and the surviving factions must contend with enemies not only outside their ranks, but within.

So, for GoT fans out there, does this make you have to change your pants? What are you looking forward to in Season 4?

Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres April 6 at 9PM, only on HBO.

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