The Netflix Streaming Report: The Croods, Bull Durham, Man of Tai Chi, and More

The Croods 2013

Welcome to The Streaming Report for January 30, 2014, a weekly feature that suggests newly uploaded Netflix Instant  movies and shows that may tickle your fancy. After the long week on the grind you deserve a relaxing staycation with a bowl of popcorn, a bucket of ice cream, and only your Netflix queue to judge you. This past week, Netflix has been kind enough to supply us with Bull Durham, Man of Tai Chi, Day of the Dead (1985), and a few more you’ll find after the break. We hope The Streaming Report will bring you hours of entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

The Croods (Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders) After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy. Starring Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone

The Croods was a big surprise for me last year. It has Nic Cage as the lead voice actor, it’s about a bunch of cavemen on a road trip adventure, and the animation looked a little crude. But oddly enough, The Croods wound up to be really fun, cute, and very colorful. It is even nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Bull Durham (Ron Shelton) A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him. Starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins

This has been on my shame list for quite some time. I’ve always heard the name of the film but have never really known what it is about. I think the name of the title just put me off. It doesn’t sound like anything special, but I hear it’s good.

Man of Tai Chi (Keanu Reeves) A young martial artist’s unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club. Starring Keanu Reeves, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Hu Chen

As Reeves directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, packs a wallop from what some have said. I missed this release last year because if you blinked you missed it, but I’m glad to see I now have my chance. From what I know, I hear it’s OK, but the action is really great.

Day of the Dead (1985) (George A. Romero) A small group of military officers and scientists dwell in an underground bunker as the world above is overrun by zombies. Starring Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Joseph Pilato

If you’re looking for a little horror, there’s this George A. Romero classic. It’s no Dawn or Night, but if you need a little zombie TLC to hold you over before The Walking Dead mid-season premiere next Sunday this is your ticket to salvation.

What will you be watching this weekend? Look forward to more renditions of The Streaming Report every Thursday on TTRC.

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