TeeHee: ‘Frozen’ Receives the Honest Trailer it Deserves

'Frozen' Receives an Honest Trailer it Deserves

Screen Junkies is at it again with an honest trailer for Frozen that may open the eyes of moviegoers for one of Disney’s newly beloved films. Frozen may have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, but it still has many issues that are brought up relentlessly here. Watch the full honest trailer after the break and see if you agree or if Screen Junkies are just trolling.

This honest trailer puts the film in the perspective it rightfully deserves. After winning the Oscar, this sure takes Frozen down a peg and I couldn’t agree more with the entire video. It perfectly nails the uselessness of that waste of space Olaf and also addresses the lack of depth most of the characters have.

And BEWARE if you haven’t seen Frozen you should expect to find some pretty big SPOILERS that are not shown in the official marketing of the movie.

When it comes down to it, the soundtrack is the crown jewel of Frozen, and the narrator hits the nail right on the head with his summation of each one. The fact that they parodied each song is just the icing on the cake. “In Summer” is a cleverly written song if it were for a Disney short, but it’s not; and I find it to be serious drain on the movie’s narrative, just like Olaf.

The one point I’m surprised they didn’t touch on is Elsa’s end game? What was she to do once she was in her mind palace of isolation? How would she fend for herself and find food? What should she eat? Would her snow creatures cook for her; and wouldn’t they melt if they tried? There are just too many questions that are left unresolved and I’m glad that Screen Junkies has the power enough to get through to people to make this be known.

Frozen will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 18.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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