NBC Officially Green-Lights ‘Community’ Season 6; Donald Glover Confirmed to Return

NBC Greenlights 'Community' Season 6; Dan Harmon in Talks with Universal Pictures

POP POP! Let it be shouted throughout the halls of Greendale, NBC has officially given Community the green-light for a sixth season. The potential of a sixth season was discussed during PaleyFest this past week, but now the dream has become a reality. Dan Harmon also discusses the possibility of a Community movie. Learn more about the what’s in store for the future of Community after the break.

Since it was announced a few weeks ago that Parks and Recreation, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Grimm would be renewed by NBC, many Community fanshave been anxiously awaiting the fate of one of the most beloved cult-comedies to have ever hit the small screen. Would it earn a sixth season, and if so, would that mean a movie deal too? And the answer to half of that question has been made today by NBC entertainment president Bob Greenblatt:

“Community is the crazy uncle you love to visit once a year just to see what kind of stories he’ll come up with. NBC wouldn’t be the network it is today without Community and the support of its fans. I am pleased to announce that NBC has picked up Community for a 16-episode run for its sixth season. I am enthusiastic that Dan Harmon and his amazing cast will be able to knock this one out of the park.”

Six seasons and a movie has been a running gag among the Community fandom ever since Season 2, Episode 21, “Paradigms of Human Memory.” When the fate of the show was undetermined after the second season ended in 2011, fans took to social media with #SixeSeasonsAndAMovie to rally together and bring the show back. It obviously worked as we are currently finishing the show’s fifth season.

This season, Donald Glover took a leave of absence from the show to focus his efforts on Childish Gambino. Whether or not he would return has been left up in the air. Thankfully Dan Harmon also confirmed today that Donald Glover will return in the upcoming season:

“We couldn’t have made it this far without the fans, which gratitude could only be given in the form of a movie at this point. But until that can be fulfilled, I am happy to say Donald Glover will be joining us in the new season.”

Let’s make six seasons and a movie happen Human Beings!

Starring Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, John Oliver, and Jonathan Banks, Community Season 5 comes to a close on April 17. The show is expected to return for its sixth season in early 2015.

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Source: NBC Universal

7 thoughts on “NBC Officially Green-Lights ‘Community’ Season 6; Donald Glover Confirmed to Return

  1. wait what? i feel like there is a Season 6 but they just “cancelled” it to make it more dramatic .. i hope im right

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