18 Best Moments from President Obama and SNL’s Cecily Strong at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama and SNL's Cecily Strong  White House Correspondents' Dinner

Now we’re not here to get all political on you, that’s not what this site is about. But we cannot turn down a good roast when the opportunity presents itself. Last night was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a celebration held by an organization of journalists founded in 1914 who cover the ongoings of the White House and the President of the United States.

The annual dinner began in 1920 and has been a tradition ever since – unless there has been a death in the cabinet or a political crises. This year, we’ve captured 18 of the best moments from this year’s WHCD from President Barack Obama and Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong. You can find the list and the complete speeches after the jump. Continue reading

T-He: Web Site Story – Tweet vs Spacers

web site story

Collegehumor usually amuses me, but this new video by them is just awesome. Their “Web Site Sory” is based off all things on the Interweb and collaborates to the music of “West Side Story.” It is classic and I wish it was longer. This is a must see video.

Check it out here – Web Site Story

After the jump check out an even weirder version some crazy people came up with back in ’08…

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T-He: Google With Bing!

This video is pretty much the truth of where Google has gone and how Bing will never compare. I’ve tried Bing and it’s pretty uninventive.

T-He: It’s Nine Inches…Around…And Has Bacon?


This ad makes me laugh. It seems like food isn’t food anymore. Advertisers must be running out of ideas to promote their food and cranking up the sex appeal dial to eight. Fast foods sex ads are sprouting up everywhere with no signs of stopping, why would they? Thank you Paris Hilton for beginning this new trend, that’s hot. Just think about the Quizno’s Toasty Torpedo commercial of with the guy and his oven, or the “2 Girls, 1 Sub” playboy spoof. Also Hardee’s Western Bacon Burger with Padma Lamshki. Or even ‘The Hills’ Hottie Audrina Patridge is in on the it:

YUM.……Soon, fast food will be one giant orgy on television with ketchup, lettuce, mayonnaise, but hole the onions. The age old phrase that pay, “sex sells,” will never die and never be wrong. It may not make you hungry, but it will make you remember the advertisement. The fact is fast food is becoming sexy and in my opinion hilarious. Food + sex = hungry…. hmmmmmm… I think they got the hint from George Costanza trying the trifecta of food, sex and TV. Now if only they get the full hint and use the most sensual of salted cured meats, pastrami. Thanks adage for bringing this to my attention, just one more thing to look and analyze for when I judge ads.

T-He: KEYBOARD CAT Make Your Dreams Come True!!

Start the video at about 1:40, that should satisfy your hunger……mmmmmm……

TeeHee: No Luke, I Am Your Kitty

I think this is funny.


T-He: Would The Real Megan Fox Please Stand Up

This would explain a lot about the $200 million dollar budget of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. There is always an answer to everything. CGI budget has gone over the top with this years “Megan Fox.”

T-He: Keyboard Cat!


Yes, yes and ummmm yes!

This video is pretty amazing, The literal summarization of the video Total Eclipse of the Heart……

TeeHee: Do You like Mad Men?

Well this is a funny spoof from the people at College Humor, Mad Libs Men……Nipple pie anyone?