Dallas Comic Con 2014: Stan Lee Panel Recap

Stan Lee Dallas Comic Con 2014 Panel Recap

One of the most anticipated events from this weekend was the amazing panel with the one and only Stan Lee. Friday night helped set the standard for an epic Dallas Comic-Con with panels ranging from sketch duels to the casts of Firefly and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Coming off the hype of Captain America: The Winder Solider, and the soon to be released Guardians of the Galaxy, fans of the comic book legend were able to learn how he got his start. Learn more about Stan Lee after the break.

Stan Lee, the 91-year-old creator of legends and heroes, was one of my favorite highlights of this year’s Dallas Comic-Con. He gave the fans a great panel and answered as many questions as possible. With any question asked, Stan always provided the best answers that were accompanied by a story that elicited many laughs. Two of my favorite questions asked were:

What is your favorite cameo in any of the Marvel movies?

“Captain America because I got the most screen time and people were finally able to realize that I am a damn fine actor.”

Which original X-Men do you relate to the most? (It should be noted that he said the beast first and then continued to add characters and how they relate to him. As Stan Lee mentioned throughout the panel he hates choosing favorites as they are all his favorite and he hats choosing.)

“The Beast: he is the smarted and well educated. Angel: he has wings. Professor X: great dichotomy between having a great brain but is also in a wheelchair which balances him out. Magneto: in his mind he is justified in what he is doing”

One of the most interesting topics discussed during the panel was the rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, which was in response to a question on how he responds to someone giving him a DC Comic to sign. As usual Stan stated that he would sign it and always makes it seem like there was never a rivalry. He discussed how back in the day artists/creators from both teams would constantly meet up and talk after hours.

How Marvel got their name was also fascinating – something I was not privy to – in that it was originally Atlas publishing and eventually changed their name to Marvel Comics with National Comics changing theirs to DC Comics. Comparing the two Stan Lee joked “they came up with DC…they don’t have a chance.”

Overall this was an excellent start to the weekend and really showcased how exceptional the panel were going to be.

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