Dallas Comic Con 2014: Walking Dead Panel Recap

Dallas Comic-Con 2014 The Walking Dead Panel

Dallas Comic-Con wowed fans this past weekend with two fan favorites from The Walking Dead, David Morrissey and Michael Rooker. With as much success The Walking Dead has earned over the past four seasons, it’s no wonder why this panel was at capacity. Learn how David Morrissey and Michael Rooker spent their time on set and what projects they are working on next after the break. 

Much of The Walking Dead has our survivors pitted against the elements down in Georgia. When asked what was some of the worst experiences they had while filming Morrrissey and Rooker both agreed that working in the woods was the worst part about filming. They said there were many occurrences where they were literally ants in their pants, along with other critters such as snakes and ticks they had to defend themselves from.

There are a lot of intense action sequences on The Walking Dead, which both Rooker and Morrissey also agreed on were the most difficult to shoot as well. David’s fight scene with Michonne was one of the hardest to film he claims, as they were crawling and fighting with glass. While Michael stated his scene with David was one of the worst because of all of the dust.

Many fans who attended were eagerly awaiting to hear about Michael’s experience shooting with James Gunn on the set of Marvel Studio’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. His role has been kept fairly hush hush and hasn’t been featured in any of the marketing thus far. Disney was most likely had a sniper on the roof, but Rooker was able to say that he will have some screen time, and then proceed to explain how he acquired to role. Rooker said that while filming The Walking Dead, he was asked if he would like to join GOTG in a small role. Soon thereafter, when Michael found out about Merle’s arc on the show, he called the powers that be and told them he could no longer take a small role in Guardians. Instead he kept them hanging on the line and said he, however, could take a much larger role in the upcoming movie.

It will be interesting to see exactly how he fits into the film along with the already huge cast.

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