Teehee: Watch Weird Al’s TV Theme Song Medley from the 2014 Emmys

Weird Al 2014 Emmy Awards Performance

Aside from absolutely dominating the Internet this summer by rolling out eight hilarious music videos that led to his first ever #1 Album on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart, Weird Al Yankovic absolutely crushed it at last nights 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. Adding his own lyrics to the theme songs of Mad Men, Scandal, Homeland, Modern Family, and Game of Thrones, Weird Al proved he’s still the master of parody.

As Andy Samberg emphasized before Weird Al’s performance, TV shows these days don’t have catchy lyrics like they use to. The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, and many others, all have such memorable theme songs. Luckily we have Weird Al to help us get out of this rut. And not only did he deliver one hell of an entertaining performance, he also gave George R.R. Martin a typewriter so he could finish writing the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Write George, write!

Here are the lyrics from Weird Al’s TV song medley:

Mad Men, Mad Men
Watch these ad men do their thinking
While they’re stinking drunk…
Jon Hamm’s never won any Emmy
Oh, who cares, he’s still Jon Freaking Hamm
Mad Men!

Her lip is quivering
Quiver, quiver … quiver, quiver
It’s not because she’s cold
It’s because
She just loves
The president
Remember this guy
He was in Ghost

Standing in a maze
Making out with terrorists
Beautiful woman
Ugly crying
Inigo Montoya grew a beard

(Hey! Hey!)
It’s Modern Family!
(Hey! Hey!)
Hot babe with old dude!
(Hey! Hey!)
Couple of gay guys!
(Hey! Hey!)
That’s why it’s Modern Famly

Here come dragons galore and some boobs
Okay. To be fair, there’s way more boobs
If you miss a big scene watch it back
(Watch it over, watch it over, watch it over)
Hope you paid attention to the map
(You can pause that, you can pause that, you can pause that)
Don’t get too attached to a certain guy
(Have a backup, have a backup, have a backup)
He might drink some poisoned wine
(That’s a spoiler, that’s a spoiler, that’s a spoilers)
So type, George, type as fast as you can
We need more scripts!
Type, George, fast as arrows can fly
We need more scripts!
(Write them faster, write them faster, write them faster)
Write them faster, write them faster, write them faster, write them faster
Valar morghulis!

If you missed last night’s Emmy Awards, you can check out who won over at the Emmys live blog post.


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Source: NBC

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