San Diego Asian Film Festival Feature Schedule Announced at Chew the Scene 2015

Asian American Panorama

Changing Season: on the Masumoto Family Farm (Jim Choi) [USA] 57 mins – Nothing is forever, and certainly not on the Masumoto family farm. Despite the peach farm’s renown, age and a depleting water table threaten its longevity. Enter Nikko: daughter, hapa, queer, and the personification of the farm’s changing season as well as its enduring spirit.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 1:00 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Crush the Skull (Viet Nguyen) [USA] 83 mins – Chris Dinh and Katie Savoy are in love, but they need fast cash. Luckily, they’re professional thieves. Unluckily, they break into a house with no exit and no cell phone reception and no explanation for the torture pit they discover there. Luckily for us, their hapless misadventures are sheer comic gold.

  • Friday, November 6 @ 9:05 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

The Cut Through (Weldon Powers) [USA] 5 mins – Three adventurous boys find an escape from their miserable existences. Unfortunately, it’s through a crabby neighbor’s backyard. (Precedes: Crush the Skull)

  • Friday, November 6 @ 9:05 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Female Pervert (Jiyoung Lee) [USA] 62 mins – Jiyoung Lee is back and the sleaze is as bemused an awkward as ever! This time we follow Phoebe, designer of video games of unappreciated genius and the lone champion of casual, mundane perversion, as she surveys the manscape while throwing shade at its petty intellectualism. Hilarious, screwy, enchanting.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 7:25 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

The Grief of Others (Patrick Wang) [USA] 103 mins – A death in the family paralyzes but also reveals connections and their consequences, especially upon the unexpected arrival of a visitor. With an exquisite condolence wrapped in loving humor and an active style that envelops and hugs, director Patrick Wang unites characters and audiences in a fertile grief that belongs to all.

  • Tuesday, November 10 @ 8:40 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

I Have Seen My Last Born (Samuel Gray Anderson and Lee Isaac Chung) [Rwanda, USA] 79 mins – This affecting documentary follows Rwandan filmmaker Jean Kwezi and his commitment to building a relationship with a teenage daughter he abandoned years ago. With a spirit of openness and responsibility, Jean and the filmmakers emanate hope, regret, and love for family.

  • Tuesday, November 10 @ 4:00 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (Emily Ting) [Hong Kong, USA] 79 mins – Real-life couple Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg play Americans finding their ways in the streets of Hong Kong – only to find themselves in a precarious web of flirtation. Emily Ting’s debut breezily captures expats’ now-whats and what-ifs in a sparkling Hong Kong.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 12:45 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Missing People (David Shapiro) [USA] 81 mins – Decades after her brother’s unsolved murder, Filipino American art gallery director Martina Batan becomes strangely obsessed with the violent work of a black New Orleans artist. A trip to the artist’s hometown sparks questions of cultural appropriation and the dual demons that have brought these worlds together.

  • Tuesday, November 10 @ 6:40 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Off the Menu: Asian America (Grace Lee) [USA] 56 mins – Asians. Taking Pictures. Of food. Add documentarian Grace Lee to that list and you get more than delectable soft-focus close-ups, but also fascinating portraits of Asian Americans and their relationships with the meals they cook, serve, eat, and sell, from Hawaii to Texas to Oak Creek, Wisconsin

  • Saturday, November 14 @ 3:20 pm – La Paloma Theatre

Operation Popcorn (David Grabias) [USA] 81 mins – After fleeing Laos as refugees, a squadron of military-minded Hmong men in California plot to stage a coup in their estranged homeland with the help of the US government and its AK-47s. Filled with wily characters and pixelated evidence, this is both a documentary about secret wars and an edge-of-your-seat mystery.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 1:35 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Out of My Hand (Takeshi Fukunaga) [Liberia, USA] 88 mins – When Cisco and his fellow rubber workers go on strike, it feels both inevitable and insufficient. When he turns instead to driving a cab in New York City, he’s still haunted by the same forces of captivity. Takeshi Fukunaga’s stirring tale of tenacity is an essential portrait of a transnational Liberia.

  • Sunday, November 8 @ 3:25 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi (Prashant Bhargava) [India, USA] 35 mins – The peerless Prashant Bhargava was only 42 when he passed away this May. We pay tribute to him with one of his final works, a short celebration of vitality in spirituality, chaos, color, and dance, and a celebration of spring in collaboration with jazz luminary Vijay Iyer.

  • Wednesday, November 11 @ 4:00 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Reunification (Alvin Tsang) [Hong Kong, USA] 85 mins – In the early 1980s, Alvin’s family decided to move from Hong Kong to the United States. His mom and sister went first. But when he and his dad arrived a few years later, Alvin discovered that his family could never be the same again.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 2:55 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Monday, November 9 @ 7:00 pm – UCSD Calit2 Atkinson Hall Auditorium

Someone Else (Nelson Kim) [USA] 72 mins – A law internship brings the studious Jamie to New York City, but it’s the seduction of women and nightlife that really commands his attention. Or is it? Nelson Kim’s sinuous drama of doubles and family rivalries tackles expectations of good and bad Korean American men with twisty glee.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 3:55 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

There is a New World Somewhere (Li Lu) [USA] 103 mins – Stuck in a dead-end arts job, Sylvia escapes with a handsome stranger who invites her on a road trip through the Deep South. An adventure of romance, risk, and validation, Li Lu’s debut feature tantalizes with the deeply-felt charge of a woman taking bold strides to define her own future.

  • Wednesday, November 11 @ 8:20 pm –

Tyrus (Pamela Tom) [USA] 72 mins – You may not have heard of Tyrus Wong, but you’ve seen his work in classic films like Bambi and Rebel Without a Cause. This enchanting documentary follows the Chinese American pioneer from his art school beginnings during the Depression to his years as a production illustrator leaving indelible brushstrokes on Hollywood history.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 3:40 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Thursday, November 12 @ 8:15 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Weekday Girls (Jeff Mizushima) [USA] 13 mins – The only thing Anthony is confident about is his permanent membership in the friend zone. (Precedes: Female Pervert)

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 7:25 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Winning Girl (Kimberlee Bassford) [USA] 68 mins – 16-year-old Teshya is a 125-pound judo and wrestling champion who dreams to be world champion. But her journey, followed across four years in this sensitive documentary, shows the physical and economic costs for a tenacious teen and her supportive family in Hawaii.

  • Thursday, November 12 @ 6:10 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

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