San Diego Asian Film Festival Feature Schedule Announced at Chew the Scene 2015

Asia Pop!

The Beauty Inside (Baek Jong-Yeol) [South Korea] 127 mins – Imagine waking up every morning with a different face. Now imagine falling in love with somebody, only to know that their first impression will be the last. In the grand tradition of Korean romantic fantasy, THE BEAUTY INSIDE turns this premise into a lush exploration of amorous and cinematic surfaces.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 4:50 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Wednesday, November 11 @ 5:35 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Coin Locker Girl (Han Jun-hee) [South Korea] 110 mins – Dickens meets Godfather when Il-Young, abandoned in a coin locker as a baby, grows up as a fierce daughter in a family of loan sharks. But teenage rebellion turns deadly when she starts to battle her adopted mother, the intimidating, coiffed-for-murder matron of the Chinatown underworld.

  • Friday, November 6 @ 9:20 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Sunday, November 8 @ 8:20 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

The Dark Horse (James Napier Robertson) [New Zealand] 124 mins – Whale Rider’s Cliff Curtis stars as Maori chess legend Genesis Potini, an outsider in life who nonetheless stands up for underprivileged youth by creating opportunities for them through chess. Based on a true story, this raw and inspiring drama stokes passion that transcends class and disease.

  • Sunday, November 8 @ 8:35 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Deadman Inferno (Hiroshi Shinagawa) [Japan] 108 mins – A crew of washed-up yakuza are about to hang up their coats until ZOMBIES ATTACK!! With the help of a high-kicking daughter, a reggae-loving fisherman, a questionable cop, and absolutely zero help from the authorities, they rediscover their calling in Japan’s most pitch-perfect horror-comedy in years.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 9:40 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Saturday, November 14 @ 7:30 pm – La Paloma Theatre

Full Strike (Derek Kwok and Henri Wong) [Hong Kong] 108 mins – A down-and-out ex-badminton champ shakes off her shuttlecock to reclaim her family honor from a trio of conniving thieves. Only in Hong Kong can this sports redemption tale play out with the lunacy of a thriller and the hysterical charms of a goofy comedy.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 1:20 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Tuesday, November 10 @ 7:55 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Go Away Mr. Tumor (Han Yan) [China] 128 mins – A plucky 30-year-old artist is hospitalized, but while friends fret about her health, she finds herself pleasantly distracted by her gorgeous doctor played by Daniel Wu. Gracefully personifying the manic spirit and emotion of the original web comic, actress Bai Baihe proves why she’s China’s new box office queen.

  • Wednesday, November 11 @ 5:20 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

The Last Reel (Sotho Kulikar) [Cambodia] 105 mins – The rebellious Sophoun is milling about a crumbling movie theater when something catches her eye: a picture of her mother from decades ago. Digging into her mom’s history unearths an entire catalogue of glamour from the golden years of Cambodian cinema, inspiring Sophoun to bring the past back to life.

  • Saturday, November 7 @ 8:25 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Saturday, November 14 @ 5:15 pm – La Paloma Theatre

Little Big Master (Adrian Kwan) [Hong Kong] 112 mins – Miriam Yeung plays a star school principal who can get any job she wants, but opts instead to save a struggling kindergarten from closing on its five students. With uncommon sincerity and a mountain of cuteness, this family-friendly Hong Kong hit fights class inequality with the fervor of principle.

  • Sunday, November 8 @ 1:00 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Saturday, November 14 @ 1:00 pm – La Paloma Theatre

Lorna (Sigrid Andrea Bernardo) [Philippines] 124 mins – Lorna, 60, has men in her midst: the ex-husband, the smooth-talker, the overseas boyfriend, and the rock star with a stoned smile. Love should come easy, but as Lorna quickly learns, it doesn’t always get easier with age. Shamaine Buencamino and Lav Diaz alternate stealing the show in this retro, dashing comedy.

  • Friday, November 6 @ 6:30 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Saturday, November 7 @ 6:05 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Obon Brothers (Akira Osaki) [Japan] 107 mins – A struggling director moves in with his sick brother after his wife’s divorce threats send him packing. On top of that: a forced double-date that’s no good for anybody. But in honor of the follies of fate, Odon Brothers spins calamity into gentle observation and wry, cool comedy.

  • Sunday, November 8 @ 7:00 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Monday, November 9 @ 4:00 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

The Royal Tailor (Lee Won-Suk) [South Korea] 127 mins – Court politics get tangled in this farce about an emperor, his personal tailor, and a cocksure young designer who has wild ideas about fashion, spinning the city asunder. From one of Korea’s best comedy directors comes sexy period intrigue with a distinctly modern twist.

  • Monday, November 9 @ 8:15 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Twenty (Lee Byeong-Heon) [South Korea] 115 mins – Three buds may be entering their twenties, but they are by no means men, at least as evidenced by their skirt-chasing and general shirking of responsibility. But the circling women force them into adulthood, a ride fuelled by soju, awkward laughter, and above all, a bond to survive any decade.

  • Tuesday, November 10 @ 8:15 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Thursday, November 12 @ 8:30 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

We Are Family (Jim Wang) [Taiwan] 111 mins – Three slacker roommates who can barely take care of themselves are put to the test when an old friend arrives with a baby, a wad of cash, and a plea for help. Now, the trio must get creative to keep the crying baby happy and secret from prying eyes.

Saturday, November 7 @ 1:00 pm – UCSD Calit2 Atkinson Hall Auditorium

Wonderful Nightmare (Kang Hyo-jin) [South Korea] 123 mins – In this touching comedic fantasy, the city’s top attorney dies in an accident, but is given a second chance at life if she can trade places with an ordinary mother for one month. Leave it to actress Uhm Jung-hwa to take no prisoners – even when locked-up in her own suburban cell.

  • Friday, November 6 @ 5:50 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Sunday, November 8 @ 2:40 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

The Wonderful Wedding (Huang Chao-liang) [Taiwan] 104 mins – A cranky Taiwanese dad gets the dreaded news that his precious daughter is marrying a mainlander, setting off a cross-cultural comedy of reluctant in-laws and pre-marital hijinks. Fuelled by love and a sense of fun, this box-office hit impressively balances genuine anxiety with straight-up silliness, a fitting allegory for cross-straits relations.

  • Friday, November 6 @ 7:00 pm – UCSD Calit2 Atkinson Hall Auditorium
  • Wednesday, November 11 @ 3:20 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

Zinnia Flower (Tom Shu-Yu Lin) [Taiwan] 96 mins – They say it takes 100 days to mourn a death. Director Tom Lin, who made the gripping ZINNIA FLOWER to cope with his wife’s own passing, gifts us the story of two strangers who lose their loved ones in a car crash and discover that mourning takes more than time, but an unexpected, liberating journey of solitude

  • Wednesday, November 11 @ 3:40 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley
  • Thursday, November 12 @ 7:55 pm – UltraStar Mission Valley

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