Now Available to Own: Hitman: Agent 47, Ray Donovan, Shameless, and More

Brace your bank accounts, it’s time to see what’s Now Available to Own for the week of December 29, 2015. Every Tuesday we run down new movie and television releases that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, as well as some slick deals that can help save you some coin. New on shelves this week are Hitman: Agent 47, Ray Donovan, Shameless, and more.

Hitman: Agent 47

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Movies on Blu-ray

Hitman: Agent 47 (Aleksander Bach) Rated R [96 min] – An assassin teams up with a woman to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry. Starring Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware, Zachary Quinto, and Ciarán Hinds

Video game movies have never had a good track record, which is strange because these days most games are basically long, interactive films. As far as Hitman: Agent 47 is concerned, we can throw it on top of the pile of other disregarded adaptations. The signature action of the game is shot frantically close and practically robotic in the movie. Nothing feels organic, with every beat of the film stiffer than a 60-year-old man on a good day using Viagra. The characters are flat and everything is taken so seriously that there’s little personality to continue the franchise. I only gained a screener of the film, so I did not see any of the special features, which I can assume are trying to make up for the film since there are so many extras.

Special features include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Hit Counter
  • Re-Imagining Hitman
  • Ultimate Action: Staging the Fights
  • Hitman: Agent 47 Comic
  • Making of the Comic Book
  • Promotional Featurettes
  • Gallery
  • Poster Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailers

Heist (Scott Mann) Rated R [93 min] – A father is without the means to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino. When things go awry they’re forced to hijack a city busStarring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista, and Robert De Niro

There are so many likable actors in Heist that it’s hard to believe the end result could be so poor. Borrowing elements of Speed and unjustly servicing them, this film is a perfect example of an eye-rolling experience. It wants to be a high stakes thriller without the thrills. We’ve seen it all before. The little charisma the cast musters up can hardly penetrate the low level dialogue and pedestrian, paint-by-numbers plot. Even the cast interviews are empty.

Special features include:

  • Commentary with Director Scott Mann, Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Writer Max S. Adams
  • Cast and Crew Interviews
  • “The Making of Heist” Featurette
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes
Shameless Season 5

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Television Series

Shameless: The Complete Fifth Season (Paul Abbott) An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives cope as best they can. Starring William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Shanola Hampton, Emma Kenney, Jeremy Allen White, Ethan Cutkosky, Steve Howey, Shanola Hampton, and Cameron Monaghan

After five seasons of debauchery and degrading hijinks, the Gallagher family has still managed to come out on top – to themselves at least. The series continues its strong and sometimes dark push in showcasing a family that keeps itself afloat by any means necessary. But that’s kind of the problem as we head into the sixth season next month. The show is becoming a little stale. As much as the family has grown on us over the years, Shameless takes the long road to encourage character growth. The extra content isn’t much to get excited about.

Special features include:

  • Two All-New Featurettes:
    • shameless sex love
    • Gentrify This!!!
  • Commentary on Episode 7: “Tell Me You F**king Need Me”
  • Unaired Scenes

Additional Releases this Week

  • Bone Tomahawk
  • A Walk in the Woods
  • The Perfect Guy
  • Ray Donovan
  • Sailor Moon R: Season 2 Part 2

Blu-Ray Deals and Steals

  • Rocky: The Undisputed Collection – $17.99
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – $14.99
  • X-Men: DOFP – The Rogue Cut – $9.99
  • Iron Man 3 – $9.99
  • Whiplash – $9.99
  • Goodnight Mommy – $12.99
  • Ex Machina – $9.96
  • Falling Skies (Season 5) – $26.99
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – $6.96
  • Pulp Fiction – $5
  • Spirited Away – $19.49

All prices from Best Buy, Frys, and Target all price match online prices.

What will you be taking home this week? Tell us in the comments section below!

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