MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM is Scooping Up Residency in Los Angeles

Museum of Ice Cream Moves to Los Angeles

Officially announced to relocate from its New York residency to the City of Angels, the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) will be making its delicious debut in Los Angeles Arts District starting April 22 through May 29. The tasteful exhibition will feature various themed photo opps for lovers of ice cream who are searching for the perfect blend of sweet and savory for that perfect Instagram moment. More info on tickets and more after the break.

While LA has its fair share of museums, the Museum of Ice Cream looks to attract patrons looking for more of an interactive experience. From a pool of sprinkles to a wall of waffle cones, MOIC won’t just be a playground full of giant faux cones and dairy delights, but will also host a “scoop of the week” from local shops including McConnell’s, Salt & Straw, Coolhause, and CREAM. There will also be a special tasting of mochi ice cream from My/Mo.

Tickets go on sale Monday, April 3 at 9:00 am starting at $29 for adults and $18 for children and seniors. However, AMEX Platinum card holders can snag tickets as early as Thursday, March 30 at 9:00 am. Regular AMEX card holders can begin purchasing tickets on Friday, March 31 at 9:00 am. Each ticket guarantees two ice cream tastings and other surprise treats.

To gauge how fast tickets sold in New York, LA Mag states that it sold 30,000 tickets in five days. The idea was conceived by the 24-year-old creative strategist Maryellis Bunn and 36-year-old investment banker Manish Vora. The iconic pool of sprinkles attraction is expected to find its way to LA, but no details have been released regarding what other attractions, new or old, we will see.

Here is the official description of the Museum of Ice Cream:

Museum of Ice Cream is an experience-first brand fueled by the power of imagination. From installations that ignite all five senses, to products-made to inspire, we lead with the honest belief that ice cream has the power to change the world and anything is possible.

Museum of Ice Cream opened its doors in the summer of 2016, led by our Founder and Creative Director, Maryellis Bunn, and a dedicated team of creators, designers, and producers who believed in her vision for  an experiential installation inspired by ice cream. Influenced by Maryellis’s childhood dream of jumping into a pool full of sprinkles, Museum of Ice Cream was born under the premise that ice cream is a  universal symbol of joy, a personal pleasure, and a transportive vehicle for anyone’s imagination.

Since day one, MOIC has led with intention, fun, and inclusivity; a shared and felt optimism at its core.

We believe in creating beautiful and shareable environments that foster IRL interaction and URL connections, providing fun, multi-sensorial expressions of ice cream that cater to the appetites of our generation. With 4 locations under our belt,  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, MOIC is just getting started.

Anything is possible

Will you be indulging in a trip to the Museum of Ice cream?

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