BIG BOUNCE AMERICA Will Travel to 59 Cities in 2018

Big Bounce America 2018 US Dates Revealed

The world’s biggest bounce house ever assembled is making its way across the country through November of 2018, visiting 29 states and 59 major cities. Featuring 10,000 square feet of in6latable elation, The Big Bounce America is the most memorable, exciting experience of the year! Sure, kids will fall in love with the giant candy colored structure, but the adult-only night sessions are what make this event so special.

The Big Bounce America is not your average bounce house. People of all ages are invited to get big-air on the basketball court, compete against one another on an obstacle course, and plummet from a giant slide into a massive ball pit outside the main structure. Bringing everything together, a professional DJ, located on a stage at the center of the bounce house, spins a carefully curated soundtrack with nightclub quality sound, lights, and even blasts of confetti. The Big Bounce America is more than just a bounce house, it’s a bouncing festival for all ages; shoes off, party on!

Selling out all 15 cities during its 2017 inaugural tour, The Big Bounce America has only amped up the thrills for 2018. This year, The Big Bounce America is not only headlined by the record-breaking main bounce house, but it is also surrounded by Bounce Village. This village features additional bounce structures, including a four-piece in6latable obstacle course, a giant ball bit, a massive slide, and a separate bounce house for the little bouncers. Bounce Village adds 10,000 square feet to The Big Bounce America, bringing the grand total to 20,000 square feet of in6latable fun!

Grahame Ferguson, co-founder of The Big Bounce America, describes their recent

“We had amazing success with our 2017 tour. Every city we visited seemed to build on the excitement of the last. The bounce house became a viral sensation with over 20 million people viewing The Big Bounce America videos. We received tremendous feedback from an incredible number of participants near and far, which sparked the idea for Bounce Village and also for many of the cities we’re visiting this year.”

It took more than 18 months of dreaming and planning before The Big Bounce America came to fruition. Ferguson sheds light on the inspiration for the idea:

“We were producing an event as part of a big musical festival and the organizers had created a small family section, which included a fairly standard bounce house. When the kids weren’t using it and nobody was looking, we snuck on and bounced around like were kids again. Then it dawned on us…What if we made a much bigger bounce house? What if we built the biggest one in the world? What if adults could bounce? What if it had a DJ booth, ball pits, foam pits, slides, and more!!?”

Whether you are bouncing, coming down to watch the fun, or even grabbing a bite to eat from local food vendors, everyone is welcome! The majority of the nationwide events take place Friday through Sunday. The sessions begin Friday afternoon, continue into the evening and throughout the weekend.

Tickets are sold per session, with sessions split by age. Prices vary from $9 for anyone attending our Toddlers’ Session up to $25 for our special Adults’ Only Session. Entry to Bounce Village can be added to your ticket for an additional charge.

The event will take place in Los Angeles at the Pomona Fairplex the weekend of June 23-25. You can purchase tickets at Big Bounce America’s website.

See the full list of dates across the country below:

MARCH 2018

  • Tampa, FL – March 9/10/11
  • Boca Raton FL – March 16/17/18
  • Miami, FL – March 23/24/25
  • Orlando, FL – March 30/31, April 1/2

APRIL 2018

  • Jacksonville, FL – April 6/7/8
  • Las Vegas, NV – April 13/14/15
  • Austin, TX – April 13/14/15
  • Oklahoma City, OK – April 20/21/22
  • San Bernardino, CA – April 20/21/22
  • Nashville, TN – April 27/28/29
  • Sacramento, CA – April 27/28/29

MAY 2018

  • Atlanta, GA – May 4/5/6
  • San Jose, CA – May 4/5/6
  • San Jose, CA – May 11/12/13
  • Charleston, SC – May 11/12/13
  • Salt Lake City, UT – May 18/19/20
  • Denver, CO – May 25/26/27
  • Washington, DC – May 25/26/27/28

JUNE 2018

  • Washington, DC – Jun 1/2/3
  • Albuquerque, NM – Jun 1/2/3
  • New Castle/Pittsburgh, PA – Jun 8/9/10
  • Fresno, CA – Jun 8/9/10
  • NYC (New Windsor), NY – Jun 15/16/17
  • Modesto, CA – Jun 15/16/17
  • Los Angeles, CA – Jun 23/24/25
  • NYC (Long Island), NY – Jun 22/23/24
  • NYC (Long Island), NY – Jun 27/28/29/30, Jul 1
  • San Diego CA – Jun 30, Jul 1/4

JULY 2018

  • Boston, MA – Jul 6/7/8
  • Cleveland, OH – Jul 13/14/15
  • Santa Barbara, CA – Jul 13/14/15
  • Milwaukee, WI – Jul 20/21/22
  • Eugene, OR – Jul 20/21/22
  • Minneapolis, MN – Jul 27/28/29
  • Spokane, WA – Jul 27/28/29


  • Detroit, MI – Aug 3/4/5
  • Seattle, WA – Aug 3/4/5
  • Buffalo, NY – Aug 10/11/12
  • Hartford, CT – Aug 17/18/19
  • Madison, WI – Aug 24/25/26
  • Chicago, IL – Aug 31, Sept 1/2
  • Portland, OR – Aug 31, Sept 1/2


  • Indianapolis, IN – Sept 7/8/9
  • Seattle, WA (State Fair) – Sept 7/8/9
  • Columbus, OH – Sept 14/15/16
  • Sausalito, CA – Sept 14/15/16
  • Santa Rosa, CA – Sept 21/22/23
  • Louisville, KY – Sept 21/22/23
  • St. Louis, MO – Sept 28/29/30
  • Oakland, CA – Sept 28/29/30


  • Kansas City, MO – Oct 5/6/7
  • Phoenix AZ – Oct 5/6/7
  • Birmingham, AL – Oct 12/13/14
  • El Paso, TX – Oct 12/13/14
  • San Antonio, TX – Oct 19/20/21
  • Houston, TX – Oct 26/27/28


  • Dallas, TX – Nov 2/3/4
  • New Orleans. LA – Nov 9/10/11

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