Review: Beyoncé Out Performs the 49ers During the Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show

Beyonce Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show Review

If you happened to disregard this year’s halftime show at Super Bowl 47, you missed one hell of a performance. Despite many unenthusiastic acts as of late, this year’s Super Bowl pulled out all the stops when Beyoncé commanded the stage and captured the world’s attention. From start to finish, Beyoncé owned the show. Some may have even preferred seeing more of the bootylicious diva than watch the rest of the Super Bowl.  Continue reading

Copeland ~ The Farewell Tour

It’s always a sad day when you find out that your favorite band will be breaking up. Copeland announced in October of 2009 that they would be splitting up, but not before they go on tour one last time. The best treat a band could give to their fans before they part is one last tour and The Farewell Tour was something that could not be forgotten. Luckily it was not a bitter break up that allowed their fans to see them one more time unlike some bands that just part ways leaving  fans depressed. Copeland definitely did this for their supporters and to show the great admiration they had for them.

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Getting Wild With Rooney on the Wild One Tour


Sh-Sh-Shakin’ it at the House of Blues in Chicago this past week were fans grooving to the sounds of Rooney with guests Tally Hall and Crash Kings. This indie rock performance swept the fans off their feet for those who were there. The weather may have proven to be a factor in the lack of crowd, but that didn’t stop any of the bands from doing what they love and they put on a good show. Don’t let these bands fool you with their short list of record releases because what they throw at you is musically talented. Continue reading

Q101 Presents: Taking Back Sunday & Anberlin


The bands fun., Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday stormed The House of Blues for this Q101 show with high energy and charged the crowd with positive vibes. Every once in awhile there is that band that you feel iffy about and can’t decide whether or not you want to like them. At this concert I had this fork in the road and made my decision.

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Use Your Sole Tour – Hellogoodbye & Hanson


Hanson? Yes, I did happen to go to a Hanson conert……and oh boy was it an interesting crowd to say the least. Oh yeah, Hellogoodbye played as well, although some might not have known who was a HGb fan in the crowd swimming in a sea of giddy Hanson fans.

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Hellogoodbye US Fall ’09 Tour

Apparently for some forsaken reason Hellogoodbye is touring with Hanson?! WTF? Hanson? That’s so odd. Also with guests Sherwood and Steel Train.

Hellogoodbye tour

I got this information from a myspace post that Forrest they decided to drop. I’ll probably just go to see Hellogoodbye and leave. They put on a really good show and their show is the only reason why I started liking them in the first place. The tour starts the end of September and goes on til November. This tour is a sort of philanthropy of course, knowing HGB’s character, that when you buy a pair of shoes the Toms Shoes will donate a pair to a child in need. Hellogoodbye’s new album should be coming out pretty soon and I’m pretty excited for that.

After the jump is the list of tour dates that they are appearing at. Fortunately they are going to be in Chicago twice:

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